Friday, March 28, 2008

Headset Mindset - OPENED!

Headset Mindset exhibition officially opened last night with quite the bang! Even with the chilly Melbourne weather creeping upon us, large crowds come out to support the fabulous five artists involved. It was great to see people putting the headsets on and interacting with the sounds that each artist had provided for their listening pleasure.

There was also many small children seeing the exhibition from a very different, and lower view! One of our favourites was the boy who came prepared for this exhibition in his Superman outfit, complete with cape and very groovy van trainers. He can be seen in these shots taking some 'super time out' enjoying some of David Blumenstein's work.

In other photos, we can see artist Benjamin Sullivan with fellow musician taking time out outside the gallery. (generally taking a breather from the masses of questions about his work I suspect!) Also gallery goers Nat Shields of Maru design and Adrian Conti enjoying the variety of works and their use of design.

A great night for all involved! The next evening program for the Headset Mindset exhibition will take place on Thursday April 10 at 6.00pm for the Slides & Sushi evening with the artists.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Headset Mindset now installed in gallery

Well, the exhibition Headset Mindset was installed at the gallery yesterday in a very easy going and fast way! The exhibition features 5 Melbourne based artists - David Blumenstein, Benjamin Sullivan, Nadia Toukhsati, Amy Limpyer and Nicholas Ives.

All of their work is quite different which can be challenging for a group show when installing the exhibition. Often when the works are brought in, artists have a very clear idea of how they think it will look and where things will go. Usually this needs to be thrown out the window as the paintings that you've had in the studio look completely different all together and on the stark white wall.

For this exhibition, the artists thought that they would set up the exhibition in a very open way, only utilizing the walls around the edge of the gallery - no floating, internal walls. However, with the amount of works, including the fantastic installation by Nadia Toukhsati (featured), it came clear that the space needed to be broked up with 2 internal walls.

One of the features of this exhibition included 5 headsets that viewers can listen to at the back of the gallery. Each headset represents one of the artists and has various sounds, noise, music that are played on loop that bring the viewer into the artists internal world. Above the headsets are a small work by the artist - almost like a self-portrait. The use of the headset reinforces the concept of the exhibition and will be an element that people will need to take time to asorb.

The exhibition runs until 19 April so come and pop some headphones on!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Salvaging historical items!

With many changes happening at various sites at City of Boroondara, many of the Town Hall Gallery Collection's artworks have needed to be removed and returned to the security of the store while building works occur.

One of the tasks that needed to be done before we could hand over the Camberwell Road buildings to become a building site fell to Manager Library Services, Anne Holmes, and Town Hall Gallery Curator, Mardi Nowak. Together with Adel Calache from City Works, Anne and Mardi perused the buildings for items that needed to be preserved as part of the history of the Council. As a result two items are now residing safely in the Town Hall Gallery store, pending a decision about where they will have a permanent home once the CPR works are completed.

Pictured here with Mardi and Anne is the clock that was installed in the foyer of the former Camberwell Library. This clock was donated to the City of Camberwell in 1924 as a tribute to the memory of Samuel Lazarus and presumably was in the same location when it was the foyer to the civic offices. Also de-installed was the plaque accompanying the clock, and the plaque commemorating the grand opening of Camberwell Library in this location in 1961.
The Town Gallery Collection combines art works, historical and civic memorabilia from the past municipalities of Kew, Hawthorn and Camberwell, as well as actively acquiring new art works and historical items to maintain the cultural heritage of Boroondara. The Town Hall Gallery’s art and history collections have the potential to tell a unique story about the role of local government in the evolution of the social and cultural life in Boroondara.

To find out more about the collection you can visit here
but also keep an eye on the blog where we will feature more indepth information on various works in the collection.

Thank you to Anne Holmes for the words in this post!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Gallery closed over Easter

Just a note to our patrons that Town Hall Gallery will be closed on Friday 21 March and will reopen on Wednesday 26 March. We wish everyone a Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all when we reopen with the new exhibition Headset Mindset!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pop Your Headphones On!

Coming up next at the gallery is the exhibition Headset Mindset featuring works by David Blumenstein, Benjamin Sullivan, Nadia Toukhsati, Amy Limyer and Nicholas Ives.
The exhibition runs from Wednesday 26 March to Saturday 19 April.
Bit about the show....
Headphones on. Isolate yourself from the world. Now there is only you and the music.

These five emerging artists met while studying Fine Art at the same university. Over the years they have each experienced the isolating nature of maintaining a studio practice on their own. As the group described, they have had many ‘boozy conversations’ about this isolation and their continual seeking of an audience for their work. It was these conversations that led to them formulation this idea for Headset Mindset.

The title Headset Mindset is indicative of the collective nature of the exhibition. The symbol of the headset is also a metaphor for the inner lives the artists construct and inhabit while co-existing physically. All five of the artists have varying approaches and ideas, however they all share an honest passion for their work.

Ben Sullivan’s paintings draw on naive interpretations of the future as seen in the Space Race era of art and Flash Gordon serials.

Amy Limpyer explores constructed and created environments in the medium of charcoal on paper.

Nicolas Ives paints ghostly portraits inspired by security camera images of unidentified assailants.

Nadia Toukhsati’s sculptural installation explores her own personal mythology, taking visual inspiration from dreams and macabre children's stories.

David Blumenstein’s love of bad cop thrillers inspired his series of Steven Seagal portraits. He also will be displaying the developmental artwork for an animated series titled The Precinct. More at

Viewers will be drawn into the internal worlds of these artists and will question the world around them when they leave. When asked what they hope people will take away from the exhibition, the group replied: “The artworks, hopefully”.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

War Stories installation shots

For those who haven't made it to the fantastic exhibition War Stories by Janice Gobey, here's a taste! These installation documentation photographs are by Iris Fischer who specializes in documentation of artwork. If anyone is looking for a professional photographer to take pics of their work, call her on 03 9386 6199 - she is Melbourne based.

Hopefully these beautiful shots will encourage you to come along and check out the exhibition in person. War Stories runs until Thursday 20 March, 2008. One of the aspects of the show that can't be seen in the photos are the amazing handwritten stories that accompany each dress. It has been very interesting seeing people's responses to the dresses initially with their beautiful tulle and lace, and then reading the quite painful and sad stories. This has been one exhibition that has effected all that have come through.

Reminder, for those wanting to hear more, come to the artist talk on Thursday 6 March at 6.30pm.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

War Stories, artist talk by Janice Gobey this Thursday!

Artist Janice Gobey will be talking about her current exhibition War Stories at Town Hall Gallery this Thursday 6 March from 6.30pm to 8.00pm.
This is a great opportunity to hear more about what inspired Janice to put together this fantastic and very thought provoking exhibition.
Also, the article, My Big, Sad Wedding, was printed in the Progress Leader this week (see above) which features Gobey and some insight into her exhibition.

So come along to the gallery this Thursday for what could be some very interesting debate and tales of weddings gone wrong!