Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's All About Me, well it's all up!

The latest exhibition to be held at Town Hall Gallery, It's All About Me was installed on Monday. We've posted some of the photos here of the works in progress but you can also see more at our flickr site if you want a more indepth look at how the exhibitions come and go at the gallery.
This exhibition showcases the works of father daughter team, Danielle and John Ashcroft. The works are big and bold and will definitely be something new for the gallery patrons to see. If you are visiting the flickr site, you will start to see some short (90 sec) videos from the gallery with the curator giving you brief discussions of the works and a view of the gallery. So watch out for them!
Working with John and Danielle has been fantastic for this exhibition. One of the great parts of being a curator is visiting the artists studio and seeing works in progress and their ideas progress into the final works. John was incredibly diligent and even created a model of the gallery (pictured above) so he could place mini copies of the works inside to assist with placement. I think that this is the first time an artist has gone to this much trouble for their show! Though some of the works had fallen down in the model during transit so we now know how it would look if there was a large natural disaster.
It's All About Me is open to the public from Wednesday 23 April and runs until Saturday 17 May. Please note that the gallery will be closed on Friday 25 April for ANZAC day.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's All About Me - exhibition by Danielle and John Ashcroft.

Starting next week is the new exhibition at Town Hall Gallery, 'It's All About Me'.

This will feature works by Danielle and John Ashcroft and the exhibition runs from 23 April to 17 May 2008.

Local father and daughter team show their works in their first exhibition at Town Hall Gallery. Both artists share an art studio and although their works are quite different, they find that they influence each other conceptually.

John inverts familiar iconic images to express something about the human condition in its social, political and sometimes perilous context. Danielle reworks the traditional Victorian cameo silhouette using modern materials such as Perspex. Both artists explore the ideas of our age-old interest in displaying and portraying self. The title of the exhibition references our obsession with ourself.

Danielle became fascinated with the cameo image during her first trip to London where she splurged out on a bone china cup from Harrods with a cameo pattern. She still has the cup (which she uses as a toothbrush holder) and started to look at modern ideas of the cameo, one being stencil and graffiti art. Danielle says:
“A traditional Victorian cameo hanging in a house represented style, wealth and social position. Stencil art, similar in it’s aesthetics to the cameo, speaks with political, almost rebellious overtones. I attempt to bring the two together for a 21st century cameo”.

John Ashcroft uses familiar objects and images and twists their meaning within his art work. His work Myopic Gothic is a play on the famous Grant Wood painting American Gothic where he alters the viewers perception of the work through flat colour and strong silhouettes. When asked about his aims for his work, John said:
“I’m an experimental artist, I’m always seeking new ways of expressing concepts in visually pleasing forms”.

Both artists works with their strong colour and shape will transform the gallery in It’s All About Me. Viewers can find out more about the artists and their work in the Slides & Sushi program on Thursday 15 May from 6-8pm in the Town Hall Gallery.

Both images in this post are by John Ashcroft.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Art Touches On Human Senses: article

This article was published in the Progress Leader on 8 April 2008. Story is by David Stockman and photo by Joanna Finchman. If you have trouble reading the article on the blog, double click on the article image to make bigger. The article talks about the current exhibition Headset Mindset which runs until April 19.

Feel like some sushi and some art chat?

Then get along to our first Slides & Sushi night at Town Hall Gallery this Thursday, 10 April from 6-8pm.
Current exhibitors from Headset Mindset exhibition will be discussing how the exhibition came together, the inspiration behind their work and their thought process.
If you've ever wondered how artists make their art, then come and hear about it straight from the artists mouth!
It's free to attend but numbers are limited (for ease of access to work and sound). Please contact us if you would like to attend.
Get out those chopsticks!! We hope to see you there.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Do you want to exhibit with us?

Have you been visiting the Town Hall Gallery and liking what you see but thought, "mmm... I'd like to show my work here?" Then now is the time to start seriously thinking about it!

Town Hall Gallery is calling for applications from artists, groups and curators to be part of the 2009 program. I know what you're thinking, that's ages away! It's not really when you have to plan an exhibition.

Application details and forms for 2009 can be downloaded from here

The gallery looks for a diverse range of themes and media when selecting the exhibitions. Group shows are encouraged that have a strong concept for the entire exhibition.

The curator is more than happy to discuss your ideas for your proposal before submitting it. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Deadline for applications is June 30 2008.
(image is opening night from group exhibition The Box, featuring 5 artists in 2007.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Do you know where else to find us?

Ever since the Town Hall Gallery started this blog, we have also been cross-pollinating with other various 'social media' tools and networks.

So this is an update to let you know where else to find us when you're out and about on your computer!

If you're a Facebook junkie, become a fan of the Town Hall Gallery. You will receive information on upcoming events, have the ability to review exhibitions and post your own photos of the shows. To find our Facebook page visit here

If you're an artist, curator or maker and have your own Flickr site you can add Town Hall Gallery as a contact and vice verso! Visiting the Flickr site allows you to see some behind the scenes photos as well as comment and add your own tags which helps us find out more about our works. To see our Flickr page visit here

Let us know if you use any of these pages, we would love to check out what you're doing as well!