Friday, June 27, 2008

Wayward 'Toonists chat fest!

The Wayward 'Toonists on the lounge discussing how they all met.

Town Hall Gallery patrons were given a taste of the thinkings of the Wayward 'Toonists last night during the Slides & Sushi program. A big thank you to those who attended and I'm sure everyone found it very entertaining and informative. The discussion during the evening was incredibly varied from interesting tales of how the 3 artists met, the negativity of being called an 'Illustrator' and the history of Lenin.

Slides & Sushi offers patrons an amazing insight into the artists thought process as well as being involved in some great discussions. To find out more about the Slides & Sushi program, please see the public programs listing in the gallery calendar or on the side of the blog. We hope to see you at one soon!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Want to know more about Waywardism?

Then come along to Slides & Sushi with the Wayward 'Toonists this Thursday 24 June from 6-8pm. The event is held in the gallery and this is a great opportunity to hear more from the artists about what inspires them and how they make their work!

To RSVP to this event, please contact the gallery or email the curator on

We hope to see you there!

Swingin' Jukebox Jam is open!

(Artists Doug Holgate and Garth Jones making their mark - top. Gallery patrons enjoying the works - bottom.)

The official launch of The Wayward 'Toonists Swingin' Jukebox Jam! happened on a very rainy Thursday evening. Though committed art lovers made the trek to Town Hall Gallery to be some of the first to see this fantastic exhibition.
The exhibition was officially opened by Christian Reed (otherwise known as Captain Dreadnaught Christian Reed). His dramatic entrance and speech was very entertaining and parts of it will be available on the gallery flickr site as short videos.
The exhibition after party continued on at Baranows Bar in Hawthorn where the deep discussions about the works continued!
A huge thank you to our team of volunteers for helping out on the evening as well!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doug Holgate: works on show!

7. Hey Ho Lets Go, $250.00
8. Blitzkrieg Bop, $300.00
9. Lizard King’s Beard, $250.00
10. Helter Skelter, $250.00
11. Lennon’s Beard, $250.00
12. Doug Clifford’s Beard, $250.00
13. Garth Hudson’s Beard, $250.00
14. Joker to the Thief, $250.00
15. Hendrix, $250.00
16. For Those About To Rock, $250.00
17. Angus, $250.00
18. Stooge, $250.00
19. The Who?, $250.00
20. Kiss, $250.00
21. Greaser, $250.00
22. Get Your Motor Running, $250.00
23. Bad Reputation, $350.00
24. Queen, $250.00
25. Polystyrene, $250.00
26. London Calling, $250.00
27. Dandy Highwaymen, $250.00
28. I Am the Anti Christ, $250.00
29. Have Love Will Travel, $350.00
All works are Pencil and digital on archival cotton rag paper and are artists proofs.
Doug Holgate artist statement:
Q & A with Curator and Doug Holgate.

How did the 3 of you come together? How long have you been working together (as such)? What's the similar thread in your works?
Although each of us have a great "How we hooked up" story, the short version is we rose from the seedy, stagnate swampy waters of the Australian comic scene. We mutually bonded over similar tastes in graphical literature, commercial artmaking, music spectators, alcohol and women. While we've worked together on many different projects in the past, we've all only been in the same city since 2007. Our work stems from a strong illustration/cartoon pop culture bent thats filtered with a dose of traditional training and professional seasoning
What do you hope people will take away with them from seeing the show?

A realisation that their lives up to this point had been incredibly dull. A calming sense of calm. And that air of knowing superiority that everyone always thinks they have better (read: correct) music taste than everybody else.
What has inspired you to create this particular body of work?
A driving blues rock rhythm. Guitar solos. Not enough beards in rock anymore. Not enough Wurlitzers. An artistic homage to all that is great about the snake oil preaching of cock rock swagger. The 1970's. Muscle cars and punk rock Valkyries.
As 'toonists' – do you feel the need to exhibit in the 'white square' of the gallery environment? All of you as artists do a wide variety of things – why create this exhibition?
It's mostly an opportunity to break out of the commercial artists day to day. I don't often get to relax and create art for art's sake. Enjoying the process of creating something that isn't art directed, deadlined and confined to the pages of a book or magazine is pretty rare for me. Validation from the latte sipping, pinot swilling elite and the fleeting sense of smug entitlement that comes with being the darlings of the art world is also very important.

Garth Jones: works on show!

For information about Garth Jones and artist statement, visit the Wayward Toonists site or Platinum Depot. Works in image are catalogue numbers 39 to 47.

30. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite VIII, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
31. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite V, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
32. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite III, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
33. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite I, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
34. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite 0, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
35. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite II, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
36. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite IV, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
37. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite VI, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
38. Rock & Roll Grand Guignol Suite IX, Acrylic and enamel on canvas, $650.00
39. Supergroup, $150.00
40. Forbidden Art, $150.00
41. At The Drive In, $150.00
42. Carcinogenic, $150.00
43. Albatross, $150.00
44. Nippon Tour '74, $150.00
45. Everyone Knows You Can't Beat The System, $150.00
46. Anonymous, $150.00
47. Covered In Punk's Blood, $150.00
Catalogue numbers 39 to 47 are Digital print on archival cotton canvas
A/P (edition numbers up to 20 available)

Scott Fraser Works on Show

Scott “2hot” Fraser is currently a freelance illustrator who’s also worked in the animation and multimedia industry. In the animation arena he has screen credits as Art Director, Production Designer, Storyboard Artist, Flash Animator and 2D Artist but is presently a bit over this industry. He has worked as in-studio Artist for multi-media studios both in Australia and the UK working on prize-winning interactive projects for the likes of BBC (UK), ABC (Australia) and others and has dabbled in self-publishing comics. While his hometown is Sydney, Scott has lived and worked elsewhere in the world from Newcastle, Hobart, London and presently Melbourne. He enjoys drinking scotch and listening to old-skool Louis Armstrong records.
You can view artworks, work history and production details at:

Artist statement:
I listen to an eclectic range of music. From 1920’s hot jazz, 30’s/40’s/50’s big band swing, bebop, Vegas lounge, bad-arse cowboy country, hillbilly bluegrass, honky-tonk, funky and/or political hip-hop and what other people my age SHOULD be listening too (rock/pop).
From amongst my music collection I’ve been inspired by a selection of tracks to create images that have stemmed from the songs narrative or other elements such as the title, the artist, the mood or composition or it’s cultural significance.
Works on show in the Wayward 'Toonists Swingin' Jukebox Jam!

1. I Ain't Drunk, Digital print on 100% archival cotton canvas, $400.00 (in image)
(Everyday baby, when the sun go downI get with my friends, an' I begin to clownI don't care, what the people are thinkin'I ain't drunk, I'm just drinkin' -Jimmy Liggins)

2. Big John’s Special, Digital print on 100% archival cotton canvas, $300.00
(Instrumental-Fletcher Henderson)

3. Catfish Blues, Digital print on 100% archival cotton canvas, $350.00
(Well I wish, I was a catfish, Swimin in the, the deep blue seaI have all you pretty women, Fishin after me -Elmore James)

4. You Can't Roller-Skate in A Buffalo Herd, Digital print on 100% archival cotton canvas, $400.00
(Well, ya can't roller skate in a buffalo herd, Ya can't roller skate in a buffalo herd, Ya can't roller skate in a buffalo herd, But you can be happy if you've a mind to -Roger Miller)

5. The Fallen,Digital print on 100% archival cotton canvas, $350.00
(Up now and get um boy, Drink to the devil and death to the doctors! Did I see you in a limousine, Flinging out the fish and the unleavened well, Five thousand users fed today, As you feed us won’t you Lead usto be blessed -Franz Ferdinand)

6. Stroker Ace, Digital print on 100% archival cotton canvas, $350.00
(I'll sing to you my mewing charm, Looks like you both could use a pet, And purr my purr all night long, I think a pussy's your best bet-Lovage)

48. French Poodle, Type c photographic print on archival endura paper, $200.00
(It was because of her French Poodle,I knew she was my style, I took a look at her French Poodle and then she started to smile -Sam Butera & The Witnesses)

49. Rock Me Like a Titan, Type c photographic print on archival endura paper, $200.00
(Enlightened and excited with a new priorityI shift my gears on a race to eternity, Feeling ever closer to a sense of humanity, rocking like a titan in a big bad mystery -The Hyperions)

50. Big Iron, Type c photographic print on archival endura paper, $200.00
(There was forty feet between them when they stopped to make their play, And the swiftness of the ranger is still talked about to-day, Texas Red had not cleared leather when a bullet fairly ripped, And the ranger's aim was deadly with the big iron on his hip, Big iron on his hip -Johnny Cash)

51. I Think It's Going to be a Long, Long Time, Type c photographic print on archival endura paper, $200.00
(And I think it’s gonna be a long long time, Till touch down brings me round again to find, I’m not the man they think I am at home, Oh no no no I’m a rocket man, Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone -Elton John)

52. Stranger On Earth, Type c photographic print on archival endura paper, $200.00
(I've been living the best I can, Ever since my life began. The day is gonna come, When I don't have to prove my worth, I won't be a stranger on earth.-Dinah Washington)

53. Redwoods, Type c photographic print on archival endura paper, $200.00
(The redwoods.Walk in the redwoods.Then you'll truly become a man.-Wagons )

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are you ready for the Swingin' Jukebox Jam?!!

There was much beard stroking and beer drinking when all of the works were finally installed for the current exhibition THE WAYWARD 'TOONISTS SWINGIN' JUKEBOX JAM! I believe that there were quite a few all nighters pulled by the artists as they strove for perfection in this fantastic exhibition.
All three artists; Garth Jones, Scott Fraser and Doug Holgate have very different styles, though their love and passion for music has pulled it all together. As curator at the gallery, I have been working with this group of artists on their exhibition intensively for about 6 months. Although there had been times of frustration, confusion and much laughter I knew that their hard work and dedication to the exhibition would come through in the end. It has been a great pleasure working with Garth, Scott and Doug and I'm sure that their 'adoring public' will love the work and the overall look of the exhibition as much as I do.
To see some images from behind the scenes (the above 2 are a taste of the show going up!) visit the gallery flickr site and also the guys website at:
I know that Garth was very camera savvy yesterday and you can see images on his flickrama here.
So, are you ready for the Wayward 'Toonists Swingin' Jukebox Jam?!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wayward 'Toonists Beards!

Thanks to Scotty Fraser for this image of his beard growing during the lead up to the exhibition. As Curator, I'm glad to see such committement to the art making process, even if it is a little bit weird! Though it definitely adds a point of difference to the exhibition and is worth coming along to the opening or the Slides and Sushi night to see if there is any beards at all!

It's very Wayward

The upcoming exhibition with works by Douglas 'hellhammer' Holgate, Scotty 'too hotty' Fraser and Garth 'Mondo Rocko' Jones will be one not to be missed! The three artists form the group the Wayward 'Toonists and you will soon find that they definitely have their own unique way of looking at the world. When asked 'Who are the Wayward 'Toonists?' The group produced this essay:

Egg hatched and raised in the fiery tumult of the Australian comics scene, The Brigadier, The Baron and The Lord were drawn together like orbiting planetoids swirling in the cosmos, as if nature, history and the gods themselves DECREED it!

Science Adventurers. Philanthropists. Dandies. Playboys. Thespians. Desert wanderers. Broadcast personalities. Master swordsmen.

Many have tried to pigeon hole these three, all at once known and utterly mysterious gents since they burst onto the scene they CREATED almost 94 years ago!What is well known to date, however, has been debated, studied and mulled over by the greatest minds in HISTORY!

MOST say that in 1914, on a drunken whim, they ventured into the deepest regions of the Swiss Alps to put its neutrality to the test (there had not been a fist fight in that country since 1815)!While unable to provoke any of the peace loveing Swiss natives into fighting each other, they did piss off Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who was hiding out in The Baron's rented chalet (which as it turned out belonged to the now infamous CAPTAIN DREADNAUGHT, the 'Toonists' eventual arch nemesis and a man whom the three would encounter numerous times throughout their colourful careers).

Lenin fled Switzerland back to Russia in a huff and, as the history books detail, vented his frustrations on the Russian empire.Predictably, our stout hearted heroes refused to let their predicament get the better of the, and with nought but time on their hands and a bold creative itch to SCRATCH, they set about redefining the very notion of pop culture ITSELF!

Firstly, the three intrepid adventurers grew mighty and luxuriant BEARDS.Then, with the combination of their powerful good looks, superior artistry and a keen sense of drama, they prevented the Hun armies from invading their adopted home during BOTH World Wars, and then quickly went on to invent every subculture EVER (yes, even goths), the comic book form and prog rock.Finally, mere NANOSECONDS later, in a final expression of raw creative OMNIPOTENCE, the global movement known as WAYWARDISM was born!

Historians, critics and even Kings have suggested an arcane significance in this statistically improbable confluence of unrelated events- a grand, and as yet unknowable, SCHEME!

Since those fateful months in the most neutral country in the world, these dynamites of industry, ink and inevitability have regularly met to compare egos, facial topiary and their innate ladykilling abilities.And from each ever more memorable meeting another gossamer thread is tied and another astonishing page in the story and influence of Waywardism is etched into TIME ITSELF!

Join us now as we, the Wayfarin' Wayward 'Toonists, bestow upon YOU, our adoring PUBLIC, our latest gift to POSTERITY, a titanic excursion into art-nirvana which has come to be known as The Swingin' Jukebox Jam!

I'm sure readers of the blog are incredibly curious now to discover more about the Wayward 'Toonists and join in their jukebox jam!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Exhibiting at Town Hall Gallery 2009: TIPS!!

Town Hall Gallery is now taking proposals for exhibitions in 2009. The deadline is 30 June 2008 and you can access application forms by clicking on the link on the right hand side of the gallery blog.

As Curator, I receive loads of applications from groups, solo artists, professional artists and emerging ones as well. I thought that I would cover some useful tips on what we look for in the proposals and things that you shouldn't miss when writing one!

  1. Carefully read the application form to see what information you need to send in. Often people will miss a section of information that needs to be sent meaning that your application isn't complete and is difficult to get an idea of the whole concept of your show.

  2. Make sure that you label any photos or CDs that you send in with your application with your name so we can't misplace it!

  3. Most importantly, make sure you get your application in by the due date! You would be surprised how many people don't and often curators will think if you can't make the 'application deadline' you are likely to be unreliable with exhibition deadlines.

  4. State your concept for the exhibition in a simple manner. Include what medium the works will be in, how you visualize the installation of the exhibition and information about what has inspired you to create this work/exhibition. What makes this show different from anything else we have seen?

  5. Include information on any ideas you may have for public programs or if the exhibition fits into a particular festival time (i.e. Melbourne Fashion Festival, International Women's Day etc) which maybe important for additional exposure.

  6. Do your homework on the gallery space. Visit and take a look at how you would display your work. There is not point submitting an application if you need a much larger space than the gallery fits.

  7. Make sure your images are easy to view and are clear and of good quality. If sending in a CD of digital images, test that the CD works before sending.

  8. If you are unsure of anything in the application, ask! As Curator, I am more than happy to meet with potential exhibitors before the deadline to discuss their application at a time appropriate to both of us. Don't turn up the day before the deadline unexpectedly! Phone up and ensure that you can meet with me for assistance.

The ABAF website has a new section with lots of helpful tips for visual artists. The section on exhibiting your artworks has loads of tips from various professionals that will be helpful when creating your exhibition proposal. Go to: ABAF artist tips. (click link!)

Also, talk to other artists and artists who have exhibited with the gallery before to see how they went about their show.

Remember, every gallery is different but we aren't scary people and are here to help! I look forward to seeing some exciting proposals from some fantastic artists!