Monday, February 23, 2009

Exhibit at Town Hall Gallery in 2010

Yes, it may seem very far away to be planning for exhibitions in 2010 but it will come along quicker than you think!
The Town Hall Gallery applications to exhibit in 2010 are available to download now. Click here for application forms. The deadline for applications is Tuesday 30 June 2009. Applications that are submitted after this date will not be reviewed, so please ensure that you get your applications well and truly in before the 30 June 2009! Please note that we will accept applications that are postmarked prior to 30 June even if they arrive after the date.
Keep an eye open for future blog posts about how to make your gallery proposal the best it can be. We did do a brief post on this last year. Click here to check it out. Also if you have an idea that you would like to discuss for 2010, take a look at the gallery application form then arrange a time to discuss with the curator prior to submitting.
Good luck and hopefully we'll see one of your proposals to exhibit soon!

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