Thursday, April 30, 2009

Town Hall Gallery Collection update

John Brack, The Yarra at Kew, oil on canvas, 1946, 46.5 x 57.5cm

Helen Maudsley reg. 867
Helen Maudsley, The Green Sovereignty, oil on canvas, 1999, 111 x 80cm

John (gallery assistant and installation tech) and myself have been doing quite a bit of work on the Town Hall Gallery Collection in the last few weeks. With works being moved from offices and display at Camberwell for renovations to take place, it has given us the opportunity to condition report, re-photograph works and also to re-familiarize ourselves with the approximately 1,000 works that we hold!
If you happen to keep an eye on our flickr site, you will see that we have been uploading some of the works in our collection to make them more accessible to you Internet folk. Our Town Hall Gallery database has also been updated with new acquisitions and we are continuing to update this in the next couple of months too with more information and images.
I thought I'd take this opportunity to show off our latest acquisition by Melbourne based artist Helen Maudsley. This work 'The Green Sovereignty' will partner a work on paper that we already hold in the collection. We are incredibly excited to have been able to acquire such a large and important work by Helen Maudsley. Helen is the widow of the late John Brack (above is a work of his that we have in our collection too!). Incredibly prolific in her art making, her works are truely beautiful and engaging. Every time you look at them you see something different. I thought that it was appropriate to do this post as there is a major retrospective of John Brack works at NGV Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square. With this major exhibition on there has been many articles talking about Helen Maudsley and John Brack which have been of great interest. If you have the chance, pop down and see the show!
If you would like to know more about the 2 works above, visit our database or contact us for an appointment to view the works in the flesh in our store room.

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