Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Assemble exhibition

Assemble features works by Veronica Caven Aldous, Peta Dzubiel, Grangie Kemp & Sarah Trethowan. The exhibition will be on at Town Hall Gallery from Wednesday 10 June to Sunday 5 July.
Assemble brings together a group of artists who have never been shown together before, allowing viewers a taste of their fascinating works.

Assemble is also an important term for this exhibition as the gallery has not only ‘assembled’ these artists together but also investigates the idea of how artists individually construct their works and ideas.

For Sarah Trethowan, she has turned her attention to among other things, subdivisions, buildings and roads; hence the straight lines, rectangles and squares. “Since the beginning of colonization Europeans have divided up Australia, we’ve contained partitioned and reordered the landscape.”

Artist Peta Dzubiel’s figurative works take on the idea of assemble in a much different way. Inspired by the nomadic gypsy-like existence of the travelling carnival, she assembles a cast of ‘carnies’ in a dark yet poetic atmosphere.

Veronica Caven Aldous explores various layers in her work. She said “my work is about layers. This acknowledges that I always feel that I am a different person each time I meet my work. I am aware of the constant changing nature of life so my work is to do with a personal sense of ease with the constant flux nature of possibilities.”

Grangie Kemp comes from a background in textile design and investigates the idea of bringing together various medium and fabrics. Her recent work has been focusing on mono-printing and working with natural materials such as wool and bamboo. The one off nature of mono printing allows her to produce individual fragments that each capture a moment in time.

Curator Mardi Nowak said, “although all of the artists work in a wide range of styles, this is a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of some new and fascinating works. We see abstract works and figurative works side by side giving something for everyone”.

In Conversation: Join the artists and curator in conversation about how they each construct their ideas and physical works on Saturday 13 June from 2-3pm.

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