Friday, May 1, 2009

The Colours of White... exhibition begins next week.

The Colours of White features a series of work inspired by the artist’s (Emma Blee) recent travels to Antarctica in early 2009. The work explores the actual colours observed and the emotions experienced throughout the journey.

Blee travelled as part of a tourist expedition of 100 people spending four and a half days visiting different areas of the Antarctica Peninsula. Inspired by this adventure, Blee came back to her Australian studio and created all of the works for The Colours of White exhibition.

These abstract and carefully constructed works utilise the artist’s concept of ‘memory patches’. These patches represent fragments that make up the memory of an event or image. No two patches are the same, just as no two memories are the same. “I enjoy abstract art because of the freedom for interpretation. My work has an element of reality but is also strongly focused on what I was feeling and thinking during the experience.”

Blee uses numerous types of papers and layers to construct her works. The layering process is reminiscent of the process of remembering all of the images and emotions she experienced during her journey. While many of us keep a photo album of our adventures overseas, Blee reconstructs these memories into beautiful and thought provoking artworks.

When asked what her lasting impressions of the trip were she stated: “The vastness and the fragility of the landscape, and the long-lasting impact humans have had on the environment”.

Visitors can find out more about Emma Blee’s adventures in Antarctica and the process from trip to artwork during the In Conversation program on Saturday 16 May at 2-3pm. This is free to attend but bookings are recommended.

The Colours of White is open to the public from Wednesday 6 May to Saturday 30 May.

For more information regarding this exhibition or the public program, please contact the gallery. To find out more about the artist Emma Blee, please visit her website
We look forward to seeing you at the gallery to escape the cold outside and be inspired by these wonderful works!

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