Friday, May 29, 2009

Conservation treatment of Child Study

With so many works held in the Town Hall Gallery Collection, and also with many new works coming in, conservation treatment is an important aspect of maintaining the collection. The upcoming exhibition Together Again: Celebrating the works of Dora Wilson & Pegg Clarke will feature some works from the Town Hall Gallery Collection, which has meant that we have been working to get these works ready to exhibit in August.
One of the works that we hold by Dora Wilson is a pastel on paper titled Child Study. This small work by the artist was in need of some TLC as it was sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass and also glued in some parts to the glass. There was also some mould damage to the paper caused from moisture getting in between the glass and not having anywhere to escape to.
Our wonderful conservator and framer team have taken some 'before and after' images of the work in progress. Below is the back of the work, still under glass with the mildew damage.

Back of work before treatment

Back of work prior to treatment.

Back of work after treatment

Back of work after treatment.

Here is the back of the 'Child Study' work by Dora Wilson after it has been removed from the glass and mildew damage treated. Did you know that often when works have been glued to a sheet of glass that the glass needs to be smashed as to remove the work from it?! Amazingly (and completed by a professional conservator) this doesn't cause damage to the work.

front of work before treatment

Front of work before conservation treatment.
Here is the front of the work prior to the treatment. You can tell that it is dirty and looks dull. Below the work has been treated and removed from the glass. It appears lighter and brighter and captures how the work would of looked like more when it was first drawn.

Front of work after treatment

Front of work after treatment.
To complete the treatment of this work ready for the exhibition in August at the Town Hall Gallery, work is still being completed on the oval frame. The work will then be rehoused in the original frame, however some adjustments will have been made so the frame is new and improved and meets the strict conservation requirements.
Make sure that you visit Town Hall Gallery for the Together Again: Celebrating the works of Dora Wilson & Pegg Clarke exhibition from 5 until 29 August 2009. You will be able to see this work by Dora Wilson having completed it's conservation treatment and it's beautifully restored frame.

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