Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assemble artist Grangie Kemp

Assemble 008

Artist Grangie Kemp's work explores notions of time while investigating a variety of surfaces and textures. Her multiple monoprints have been collaged together in a very organic fashion, emulating fabric when they are pinned to the wall.

Here is what Grangie says about her work:

"I have a background in painting, textiles, sewing and printmaking, with a Bachelor of Textile Design from RMIT (majoring in screen printing). I have always been interested in texture, layering and collage and I like to combine various mediums such as ink and fabrics. More recently I have been focusing on mono printing (a one off technique of printmaking) using varied papers and fibres and experimenting with combinations of block printing inks and water colour. I am now increasingly interested in working with natural and environmentally friendly materials such as wool and bamboo.

This exhibition is based on my research, over the last two years, about magnetism and clocks and time. I wonder about how fragments of time rule our lives and which direction in life we take because of them."

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