Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assemble artist Peta Dzubiel

Assemble 020

Artist Peta Dzubiel is based in Sydney so we were very excited that she was able to attend both the opening night and In Conversation program that was held on last Saturday 13 June. For those who missed out on the public program, below is an artist statement by Peta.

"As a painter I am interested in the nomadic gypsy-like existence of the traveling carnival and its impermanence in the broader contemporary world. The carnival is a dynamic and visually stimulating arena, which I can engage in painterly exploration. Light and dark coupled with loose brushstrokes enable me to render a poetic atmosphere and bring forth the aesthetic quality of this nomadic landscape.

The contemporary carnival is a deeply human arena that operates on misrepresentation and fa├žade: what is real and what is fake? The carnival is a temporary and constructed space. Beyond this setting of coloured lights and amusements, are people that belong to a nomadic sub-culture that we label as ‘carnies’. There is a paradox in working toward the suspension of disbelief and dealing with the practical and mundane aspect of this commercial business. It represents a disparity between the envisaged experience (the enchanted carnival) and actuality (the commercial venture) that fascinates and perplexes.

In my painting practice I am exploring these elements and exaggerating selected aspects in order to imbue my work with an ambiguity based on this disjuncture. I see this disjuncture as the difference between the function of a carnival (a form of entertainment) and the actual daily experiences, both of workers and patrons. It is an acknowledgement of this contradiction that I wish to engender in the audience; a mixed response of intrigue and the strangely uncomfortable."

Assemble is open to the public until Sunday 5 July.

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