Monday, June 22, 2009

Assemble artist Sarah Trethowan

Assemble 022

The last of our four fabulous artists showing in the Assemble exhibition is Sarah Trethowan. In Assemble she shows two series of works, one from this year (above is one of the works) and a series of works from the last 2 years.

Below is what Sarah has to say about her practice.

"I studied at art school in the UK and came to live in Australia in 1980. I have many years of experience as an art teacher at tertiary level and as a commercial designer. I now paint full-time. I live in North Central Victoria on an olive farm with my husband who plants trees for a living. My studio looks out over a very dry landscape.

I make regular visits to Melbourne to see all kinds of shows and I read about art extensively. I have shown my work in regional Victoria as well as in Melbourne and Sydney.
I use acrylic paints as I find them both flexible and robust.

For the last couple of years I’ve been working on a series of paintings exploring ideas about the urban and natural environment. During this ongoing process I’ve gradually begun to reduce and simplify the familiar shapes and forms that constitute these environments to an abstract simplicity. It’s all about the process of developing an individual visual language. In earlier work I subordinated trees to straight lines.

In the paintings I’ve produced for Assemble I’ve turned my attention to among other things, subdivisions, buildings and roads; hence the straight lines, rectangles and squares.
Since the beginning of colonization Europeans have divided up Australia, we’ve contained partitioned and reordered the landscape.

For me, the process of making art means a journey. Along the way I hope to articulate ideas and feelings about the world in which I live."

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