Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hand colouring photocopy workshop

Dr. Constance Ellis (as Queen Victoria)

original work by Pegg Clarke, courtesy of State Library of Victoria Picture Collection.

Auburn Primary Group 1 30 July 2009 021

Student from Auburn Primary's interpretation.

dora wilson

original work by Dora Wilson, Town Hall Gallery Collection.

Auburn Primary Group 2 - 11am  30 July 2009 007

Student from Auburn Primary School's interpretation.

Auburn Primary Group 2 - 11am  30 July 2009 010

A colourful work by one of Auburn Primary School Students from the workshop.
Today Town Hall Gallery hosted two groups from Auburn Primary School for a viewing of Ilona Nelson's exhibition The Family Mould and a workshop inspired by the exhibition. Students enjoyed matching up the photos from Ilona's family tree to her actual artworks. After listening to a talk from Curator Mardi Nowak and watching all three of the short films, they moved to the community arts space where they took part in 'hand colouring' various photocopies with their own spin. Some of the base images that we used for the workshop included works from our own Town Hall Gallery Collection, as well as some images that will be on display in the upcoming show, Together Again.
To view more of the wonderful works that the students created, visit our flickr site!

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