Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ever seen a baby made of ballistics gel up close?

False Gods installation 016

Installation view in the gallery.

Well the answer to that question for me was a definite no! I've never come across ballistics gel, touched it or seen what it could be moulded into so the installation of the current exhibition, False Gods? was quite the eye opener!
The exhibition features several 'babies' that are made from the gel, suspended in a transparent fabric from the middle of the gallery. They have a mind of their own as they gently sway and move around in their casings. The exhibition also features 6 large scale resin on canvas works that depict human tissue and cells in magnification, allowing the viewers to see beauty in their abstraction. A series of aluminium totem poles that are etched with fragments of human genetic code, tower over the babies in the installation. The sound component to the exhibition makes the viewer feel like they have entered another world.
The overall effect is beautiful yet confronting to the viewer. The visual impact of the works is intense, however our maternal and human instincts kick in to look closer at the babies lightly swinging in the gallery.
False Gods? by Emma Hicks and Kate Williams is open to the public today. The exhibition officially opens on Thursday 3 September from 6pm. The artists will be in the gallery on Friday 4 September from 2-3pm to talk about their works as well.

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