Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your Curator is at Large!

Gallery green horse

(Gallery assistant John Hendriks, the Town Hall Gallery horse and Curator Mardi Nowak)
Hello Town Hall Gallery visitors and blog readers!
Just a note to say that your Curator will be away doing lots of arty stuff in a variety of overseas locations for the remainder of 2009. The gallery will be running as usual under the guidance of assistant John Hendriks (above with our beautiful horse!) and Cultural Development Officer Tammy Ryan who is returning from maternity leave.
There will be a variety of events and exhibitions still to happen before 2009 is over such as Get into Art day on Saturday 24 October and the Town Hall Gallery Collection exhibition Line, Colour, Shape which starts on 28 October.
Stay tuned for some guest posts from Tammy for the remainder of 2009 as well as some 'Curator at Large' posts from me from a variety of locations for those interested in what's going on in the art world internationally.
See you in 2010 with a great program of fascinating, dynamic and beautiful exhibitions!

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