Friday, January 23, 2009

Most viewed

After uploading some new photos onto the gallery Flickr site, I decided to see how our stat's were fairing. It's always very interesting to see what are the most viewed images from the site, what people have favourited and commented on.

Interestingly, the most viewed photo ever was also the most viewed photo from yesterday as well. And here it is...

Installation with dinosaurs

Titled "Installation with Dinosaurs", this is our most popular photo! I took the photo as some unknown renegade artist had decided to create this installation on the gallery fire escape stairs. I thought that it had to be captured seeing someone had taken the time to do this without us knowing. Now it is the most viewed image for the gallery. So I hope that our secret artist is pleased that their installation has inspired so many in the land of Flickr!

Silly Pear tees - first arrival

Arrival of Silly Pear tees

Arrival of Silly Pear tees

Our first lot of t-shirts have arrived for the upcoming exhibition I Wear My Heart On My Tee 2 which will start on 11 February and run until the 7 March. It's always very exciting to get artworks delivered to the gallery so when this box turned up I couldn't wait to open it! I was also amazed by the amount of postal stamps used!!! The box is almost as impressive as the t-shirts inside!
Silly Pear Designs are based in New South Wales and other than finding them at our exhibition, you can also find them at the Glebe and Walcha markets. These beautiful designs are all handprinted and are primarily black and white with some touches of colour. The tees are for both girls and guys. You can see more on their myspace page.
Keep checking to see more posts as the t-shirts come in.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Join us for coffee & cupcakes!

Coffee Shop Confessionals opening 007

Join us for coffee, cupcakes and a bit of a chat on Saturday 31st January from 2-3pm. Current exhibiting artist Danielle McCarthy (pictured above giving her thank you speech on the opening night) with gallery curator Mardi Nowak, will be in conversation about the exhibition Coffee Shop Confessionals.

This is the first public program for 2009 at Town Hall Gallery and a great opportunity to spend an afternoon checking out the exhibition and discovering more about the artist's inspiration. Keeping in theme with the show, we are serving coffee and gorgeous cupcakes made by the lovely Jess from Sugadeaux cupcakes, as well as maybe some champagne to go with the 'pink champagne' cupcakes.

Coffee Shop Confessionals is a beautiful and thoughtful exhibition so I encourage you to come along and check it out!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feel like a coffee?

Danielle McCarthy 010

One of the table installations, each table has recorded conversations floating from the tableclothes.

Danielle McCarthy 007

The hand embroidered tableclothes (this one is before ironing!) with the names of famous women artists, a homage to Judy Chigago's The Dinner Party.

Danielle McCarthy 006

If the Mona Lisa went to a cafe, what kind of coffee would she order? A macchiatto? Or a soy latte?

Yesterday was spent installing the first exhibition for 2009, Coffee Shop Confessionals and I have to say that quite a bit of coffee was consumed during the day! This is the first solo exhibition by artist Danielle McCarthy and includes a wonderful mix of installation, sound, beautiful figurative paintings and text. As a curator, I sometimes see this mixture of media a little confusing for the viewer however McCarthy has pulled it off with this beautiful, funny and multi-faceted exhibition.
As soon as you enter the space you are drawn to the exquisite, traditionally rendered oil paintings of cafe scenes. They look quite familiar to the viewer, maybe because they are a scene that you see everyday, or maybe it's because they also reference some famous cafe scenes from art history. The paintings are exhibited alongside luscious mocha coloured text on canvas, quoting cafe goers.
The installation scene in the middle of the gallery has laborious hand embroidered table clothes adorned with the names of famous women artists. When I was at university studying art, I had a lecturer who would come behind you while you were drawing at an easel and ask "who is looking over your shoulder today?" meaning, which famous artist were you channeling... Picasso, Giacometti? This line has always stuck with me and in Coffee Shop Confessionals I feel that the viewer is almost having coffee with these famous artists as you sit at the laid out tables and their portraits peer over your shoulder.
Sound also plays an important role in this exhibition with snippets of conversations floating from under the table clothes at the installation. If you stand in between all three of the tables, you hear a jumbled bunch of overheard conversations, mimicking the aural atmosphere of many contemporary cafes.
Coffee Shop Confessionals begins tomorrow, Wednesday 14 January. The official launch is Thursday 15 January at 6pm.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coffee Shop Confessionals

Town Hall Gallery is kicking off the 2009 gallery program with a fascinating exhibition Coffee Shop Confessionals by Danielle McCarthy. The exhibition starts when the gallery reopens on Wednesday 14 January and will run until 7 February.
Being a frequent visitor of coffee shops and a bit of a coffee addict, I was totally enthralled by the idea of this exhibition. Danielle takes a light hearted look at the social role coffee shops play in contemporary society as well as paying homage to some of the great female artists.

The exhibition features paintings as well as some installations which will make viewers feel like they are in a cafe, spying over people's shoulders and eavesdropping in on juicy conversations.
Danielle will also be discussing her exhibition on Saturday 31 January at 2pm where you can grab some coffee and cake on us while hearing about what has inspired her to create the exhibition.