Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Addition to Town Hall Gallery Collection

New addition to collection - Eric Thake

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to add 'Self-Portrait Among the Ant Hills' 1950 by Eric Thake to the Town Hall Gallery Collection. This beautiful lino cut print has been generously donated by a local resident to increase and broaden the small collection of works by Eric Thake already held.
This work is part of a series of Christmas cards that the artist created for friends and family.
The self-portrait (Thake as the ant hill in the background) has been described as "seeing himself in the most unlikely forms was one of Thakes' favourite games. Travelling in the far north of Australia during World War II, he had seen large anthills and sketched their resemblance to human forms. " (

Town Hall Gallery Collection welcomes donations to it's collection. We are part of the Cultural Gifts Program, which can allow people to donate works for tax deductibility. To find out more about this program visit here, or contact the gallery Curator.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easey street photoshoot

Easey Street photoshoot 21/3/09

Easey Street photoshoot 21/3/09

Easey Street photoshoot 21/3/09

Some of the great shots from the Easey Street photoshoot held in Town Hall Gallery on the weekend. The rubber lobster and hand seemed to be a big hit! A big thanks to Miss Nina Sers for pulling this together and of course our wonderful models who turned the gallery into a modelling studio.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Easey Street is open

The Easey Street exhibition opened last night with a crew of fashionable young folk downing beers and wine and having a good laugh.
The exhibition features the works of Missi Alix, Jo Doney, Nina Sers (curator of the exhibition), Timmi Fresh, Olivia Bartley, Mario Camilo and Bloody Bloody Brasco. From the catalogue:
"The Easey Street Studio is a shared working space between seven different artists. Each artist works with different mediums using different ideas and processes. This shared working environment inspires the use of different approaches as work is created in the space overlaps and interrupts each other. This exhibition explores the accidental links between each artists work, showing the impact a shared lifestyle has on each artist."

One of the most popular elements of the exhibition is the long table situated in the middle of the gallery. Carefully is placed is an array of photographs, found objects and small artworks that are taken directly from the artists' studio. This table gives the viewer some insight into what inspires them and how the artists interact with a variety of materials to gain inspiration. On the table is also a short film of the artists working within their environment which is quite addictive viewing!

Easey Street runs until 5th April. More info can be found at also a fun photoshoot is taking place at the gallery on Friday 20 March and Saturday 21 March whereby viewers can interact with a variety of objects and costumes and pretend they are part of Easey Street. It is free, fun and light refreshments will be served. See the public programs section of the blog for more details.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last days for I Wear My Heart On My Tee 2

tee exhibition 2009 installation 012

This is the last week of the t-shirt exhibition with the last day open to the public being Saturday 7 March. We close the doors at 5pm so you better get in this week for you last chance at some fantastic t-shirts!

The next exhibition will be open to the public on Wednesday 11 March with the very funky and fabulous exhibition, Easey Street. Curated by Nina Sers who is a bit of a regular to us Town Hall Gallery folk, the exhibition features the works of:

Missi Alix, Jo Doney, Nina Sers, Timmi Fresh, Olivia Bartley, Mario Camilo and Bloody Bloody Brasco.

So if you feel like a recovery session after the long weekend in Melbourne, come along and check this great exhibition out! It runs until 5 April. More info at