Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Paper Life Boat - Media stuff!

Melb Fringe festival Beat article 30-9-09

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The Paper Life Boat exhibition finishes this Sunday at 3pm so you only have one week to come and check out the comic book geniuses. When you pop in this week you may also see our large green horse taking some time out in the gallery to read some of the comics as well. He featured during the public programs on Saturday as many of the attending comic book artists added a 'square' to the horse.
If you would like to read more about what happened on Saturday 26 September during the public programs why not check out Bobby N's blog. Bobby is a comic book creator and attended the programs as well.
The article above has featured in the Beat Magazine this week. Lou Pardi from Beat interviewed Jo Waite about the exhibition. I'm sure that you will find the interview very insightful, especially how difficult it can be to a comic book creator in Melbourne.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Paper Life Boat now open!

The Paper Life Boat exhibition opening 014

The Paper Life Boat exhibition opened last night to great attendances. Everyone took part at the 'paper life boat making stand' and added their creations to the installation above. It was great to see many familiar faces from the Melbourne Comic Book scene but also some new comic book people from interstate too!
A big congratulations to the artists involved, their work looks amazing and all have taken on the theme with enthusiasm. Also a thank you to organizers Jo Waite and Bernard Caleo for again, taking the gallery visitors on a wonderful journey through comics.
We hope to see you this Saturday at the gallery from 2pm for a talk by Bernard on how comics can save your life and then from 3pm till 4.30pm there will be a comic book jam, more paper life boat making and if you feel keen, help us paint our Melbourne Cup horse!
We look forward to seeing you soon. Just remember that the Paper Life Boat exhibition ends on Sunday 4 October at 3pm.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Come and help us paint our horse!

Our Town Hall Gallery Horse!

Town Hall Gallery is preparing for the Spring Racing Carnival by decorating a life sized horse! Every year the Glenferrie Road Traders Association let loose a series of horses for different groups to decorate. The finished horses then live on Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn for the duration of the racing carnival.
Town Hall Gallery was very excited to be asked to decorate a horse this year. As you can see from the above photo, our gallery assistant John Hendriks has made a start by giving the horse a base coat of 'gallery green' for additional painting to happen.
If you would like to help us paint the horse, swing by the gallery this Saturday 26 September from 3pm and join in the fun! Stay tuned for more photos of the horse in progress and also keep an eye for it on Glenferrie Road in the upcoming weeks!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Melbourne Fringe Festival hits Town Hall Gallery next week!

Come along next week and check out The Paper Life Boat: how art can save your life, curated by Jo Waite & Bernard Caleo as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009. This exhibition will be on at Town Hall Gallery from 3 September to 4 October 2009.

You loved them in Ugly, Drunk and Stupid (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008 Town Hall Gallery), now you can see how comics have saved these artists lives! Featuring many of Melbourne’s best and most loved comic book makers, The Paper Life Boat explores how comics are much more than just words and pictures.

Curators Jo Waite and Bernard Caleo (of Cardigan Comics), will transform the gallery space into a giant paper life boat, allowing viewers to be inspired and moved by these creations.

Many artists talk about how the process of creating is something that they have to do, they have to have an outlet for their expression. The Paper Life Boat takes this further with a more literal response that this process of creation saves peoples lives by being part of something much bigger – the comic book scene.

“Often you will see people sketching away in their notebooks on public transport, at the pub or during their lunch break outside. You can tell that this act of creating is intuitive, impulsive and necessary to break away from the day to day workings of everyday life. If you make art, you have to do it all the time and this compulsion is difficult to explain to others but it often makes for great art!” Mardi Nowak, Curator Town Hall Gallery.

In conjunction with the exhibition are two public programs, both held on Saturday 26 September at Town Hall Gallery. So if you feel like avoiding the AFL grand final, come and discover your own paper life boat and enjoy some yummy cupcakes from the amazing Sugadeaux all in the gallery!

In Conversation: Saturday 26 September 2 – 3pm. Find out how comics saved the life of these artists with a talk by Bernard Caleo and Jo Waite.

Comic Jam: Saturday 26 September 3 – 4.30pm. Draw for your life with some of Melbourne’s best and upcoming comic book artists. Be inspired by the works in the gallery as visitors are asked to put pen to paper in the gallery and create!

Last days for False Gods!

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out the thought provoking exhibition False Gods? you have until 5pm this Saturday 19 September to take a look! The exhibition was also featured on art whats on - an Australian website which features many exhibitions from all states. They also have an e newsletter which you can subscribe to!
As curator at Town Hall Gallery, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Kate Williams and Emma Hicks for working so hard to get this exhibition to us in Melbourne. The logistics of getting balistics gel babies all in one piece from Sydney to Hawthorn is quite amazing and they were a great couple to work with. From their artist talk held during the exhibition, I look forward to seeing what they collaborate on next!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ever seen a baby made of ballistics gel up close?

False Gods installation 016

Installation view in the gallery.

Well the answer to that question for me was a definite no! I've never come across ballistics gel, touched it or seen what it could be moulded into so the installation of the current exhibition, False Gods? was quite the eye opener!
The exhibition features several 'babies' that are made from the gel, suspended in a transparent fabric from the middle of the gallery. They have a mind of their own as they gently sway and move around in their casings. The exhibition also features 6 large scale resin on canvas works that depict human tissue and cells in magnification, allowing the viewers to see beauty in their abstraction. A series of aluminium totem poles that are etched with fragments of human genetic code, tower over the babies in the installation. The sound component to the exhibition makes the viewer feel like they have entered another world.
The overall effect is beautiful yet confronting to the viewer. The visual impact of the works is intense, however our maternal and human instincts kick in to look closer at the babies lightly swinging in the gallery.
False Gods? by Emma Hicks and Kate Williams is open to the public today. The exhibition officially opens on Thursday 3 September from 6pm. The artists will be in the gallery on Friday 4 September from 2-3pm to talk about their works as well.