Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Take a walk on the wildside....

Caroline Carruthers, Mt Holdsworth Secrets (detail), oil on paper, 2008

The Town Hall Gallery is pleased to present Human Nature, an exhibition by Australian artist Caroline Carruthers during November and December

In Human Nature, Carruthers presents works created during her residency at New Pacific Studios in New Zealand. These paintings examine a recurrent theme in her work: how we see ourselves and how we present to others.

In the context of the natural environment of the Pukaha Mt Bruce National Park, Carruthers brings the human capacity for self-awareness and self-deceit into focus.

Utilising evocative natural features and objects from that environment, Carruthers explores the boundary between human and external natural realities, and recreates the sense-experience engendered by those realities.

When you step into the terrain explored in Human Nature you will experience one artist’s view of the contradictory nature of each individual’s interaction with the natural world.

Caroline Carruthers hopes the exhibition will provide a forum for visitors to consider how their lives affect their environment.

“(We should) reflect on how much we change our world. How a simple stroll in the bush might destroy animal habitats. How we balance our desire to preserve our environment with the need to feed and house ourselves,” Carruthers said.

Human Nature will be at the Town Hall Gallery from Wednesday 25 November to Saturday 19 December.

In Conversation – Human Nature
The artist will be discussing the exhibition with interested visitors between 2pm and 3pm on Saturday 5 December.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Come in and see some Maudsley's!

Artist Helen Maudsley with gallery assistant John Hendriks at the launch of the exhibition.

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to present Line, Colour, Shape, an exhibition which highlighting many recent acquisitions and donations to the Collection over the last two years, as well as some older art works.

The title Line, Colour, Shape explores three elements of art and how they are applied to the variety of works on display. The exhibition hopes to help viewers gain an in-depth aesthetic appreciation of the Collection through these principles.

Visitors will also be able to view latest acquisitions by Helen Maudsley, a renowned locally based artist and widow of the artist John Brack.

Town Hall Gallery curator, Mardi Nowak said the inspiration for this four-week exhibition is Maudsley's significant work, The Green Sovereignty, which has been added to the Collection this year.

"Helen Maudsley's work is unique and prolific. In both her paintings and drawings a variety of abstract shapes fill the plane, giving us glimpses of icons that are familiar to us. Every time you view a Maudsley you are drawn into the chaos only to find something new over and over," Ms Nowak said.

Town Hall Gallery Collection is pleased to have built up a small but substantial body of works by Helen Maudsley. The recent acquisitions bring the total of pieces to five and include both works on paper and paintings.

A variety of other artists' work will be on display with Maudsley's, including Eric Thake, Fred Williams, Matthew Sleeth, John Blogg, Robert Clinch and others.

Line, Colour, Shape will be at the Town Hall Gallery from Wednesday 28 October to Saturday 21 November.

To find out more about the Town Hall Gallery Collection, visit the Collection database here!