Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everything Changes Over Time by Lachlan McDougall

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to present Everything Changes Over Time, an exhibition by emerging artist Lachlan McDougall.

Bringing together the artist and viewer, this exhibition explores the perceived value of 'the artist' by allowing the viewer to continually alter the art work in the gallery. Using the whole gallery as a canvas, viewers will enter the space and manipulate coloured sand and salt on the canvassed floor as they move around the exhibit. The art is being made on-site, in real time, in the gallery.

The space between studio and gallery is challenged, rather than the creation of works happening at a secondary location, the art is being made on-site. The idea that the viewer is the creator of the artwork is powerful, everyone is given the opportunity (knowingly or not) to create how the artwork is crafted

Lachlan wants to create art that makes people interact, challenge and change the way they think of art.

Everything Changes Over Time will be at the Town Hall Gallery from Wednesday 13 January to Saturday 30 January.

Public Program - In Conversation
The artist Lachlan McDougall will discuss the issues surrounding Everything Over Time Changes and his inspiration behind this exhibition between 2pm to 3pm on Saturday 30 January.


Lilian said...

Congratulations Lachlan....what an amazing and phenomenal concept to be able to convey art as a transistional and evolving experience. Unforgetable. Lilian

Gallery Curator said...

Thanks so much Lilian, we've been enjoying seeing people get involved in the process as well! Glad that you have enjoyed it!