Friday, January 22, 2010

There's even a little bit of blue now!

Everything Changes 2nd install 007

Everything Changes 2nd install 004

Our current exhibiting artist Lachlan McDougall snuck into the gallery the other night and has added some new pigment drawing to the installation Everything Changes Over Time. What a surprise to us to see this amazing electric blue added to the install. I couldn't wait to start walking over it to see what happened!
Hopefully the brave art collectors who purchased 'random squares' of the canvas on opening night like blue!
Lachlan and his fabulous installation was also featured in an article from the Progress Leader this week. The article is below and to read you can click on the image to make bigger.

Art that floors you

Remember that you've only got another week to take part in this installation. Everything Changes Over Time will end at 5pm on Saturday 30 January, not before Lachlan has given us some insight into the process during his talk.
We look forward to seeing you with pigmented feet in the gallery!

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