Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the spotlight... Robyn Emerson

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Another one of the artists exhibiting in What do they call a group of artists? is Robyn Emerson. Robyn is a local artist and creates these amazing and quite large scale encaustic works. The encaustic process is a lengthy one and Robyn often works on several works at the one time, working back and forth on the various layers.
See below for the catalogue artist statement from Robyn Emerson:

"My recent works is becoming more grounded within the landscape motif and the inclusion of the horizon line. I have always been fascinated by the dynamism of the line where the sky meets the land and more and more it seems to me that line is the essence of a landscape. However my work has never been about portraying landscapes in a traditional sense. My paintings are intuitive interpretations of an inner landscape, an instinctive response to my world.
The encaustic process I use, utilizes layers of wax, oil paint, acrylics and pastels to create the surface. Sometimes I leave the wax textured for a more muscular, visceral feel, other times I coat it with shellac to allow the colours to illuminate through. Often there are up to 6 layers applied disclosing different surfaces and histories within the one painting."
Some of the feedback from our viewers have been that they are enthralled with Robyn's works. You can look at them for hours and see something new in the layers each time. The combination between the transparent and luminous layers and the more opaque ones is very engaging. On the blue work above, there is even some bark that is captured in the wax, adding more depth to the work.
You can visit Robyn Emerson's website to see more works at
You can also hear more from Robyn about her process at the In Conversation program on Saturday 20 February from 2pm to 3pm.

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