Friday, February 19, 2010

Spotlight on Fiona Fraser...

Another one of our five exhibiting artists is local artist Fiona Fraser. Fiona's gorgeous works on paper look at the lives of boats around the Boroondara area.

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Fiona was taken by the amount of boats that live in people's driveways and yards that seem to be permenantly in a 'parked' state. While walking around the area, Fiona noticed that these lonely boats never seemed to go out on adventures and this became the theme of her body of work for What do they call a group of artists?

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One of my favourite elements of Fiona's work is her bold brush strokes and strong colour. Her work is reminscent of early watercolour and goauche works by Kenneth Jack (which we have 2 in our collection!) The theme has certainly made me look into people's yards and wonder when these lonely boats will go out?
Here is Fiona Fraser's artist statement on the works...
"The body of works titled Landlocked consist of a collection of works on paper based on the theme of boats located in the streets, gardens and backyards of Boroondara.

While walking and driving around the area, I have noticed many boats on trailers in driveways, gardens and on the street. I find it interesting that some are permanently 'moored' to their address in suburbia, while others suddenly vanish.

The works explore the connections between the local residents and vessel owners with the boats in their daily existence; a slightly surreal reminder of trapped dreams."
You can find out more at the In Conversation public program happening on Saturday 20 February from 2pm.

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