Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spotlight on Merryn Hansford....

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Town Hall Gallery is pleased to exhibit the work of Merryn Hansford as part of the What do they call a group of artists? exhibition. Merryn's works are broken up into two bodies, one that focuses on metals and the sharpness and hardness of it; and the other body looks at softer materials that use sea glass and silks.
Merryn says about her works...

"My recent work has been to create wall pieces using the media of copper. I emboss the metal with patterns taking my inspiration from a variety of sources including biological forms to ancient texts as well as wallpaper and lace designs.

Patterning attracts me in a variety of ways; from how patterns are formed and occur in nature; to the way cultures have and continue to reflect those symbols in their sacred sites. My interest in patterning continues on to the design of wallpaper and lacework. Again the patterns often derive from nature, with flowers and vines regularly present. The way in which copper ages creates an interesting contrast to the timelessness of the patterns inspired by the wallpaper design.

Alongside the copper works is a series of soft fabric pieces using found sea-glass. This practice is a strong contrast as the copper works are noisy to make, while these are soft and soothing. "
During the recent In Conversation program, I found it very interesting that Merryn was drawn to the shiny nature of her copper materials and actually coated them to preserve this. This coating allows for them to be handled more easily but will stop them from rusting and discolouring. This is a strong contrast to her 'softer' works that use glass that has been corroded by the sea. In these works, Merryn allows nature to have a part in the creation of her work. These contrasts are beautifully played out in her part of the exhibition.
You have only a few days left to visit What do they call a group of artists? The exhibition ends on Saturday 27 March at 5pm.

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