Thursday, March 11, 2010

Talking about colour

Veronica Caven Aldous exhibition opening 005

(Veronica third from left with some patrons on the exhibition opening night)

Our current exhibition Recent Works a solo exhibition by Veronica Caven Aldous kicked off last week with some fantastic comments about the impact of the installations. For those who haven't made it in just yet, we thought we would give you Veronica's artist statement as a taste of what to see!

"My work is fundamentally play based in an appreciation of the aesthetic experience that occurs during the performance involved in the art-making process. There is a speed and flow in the performance of the play and there is stillness in the internal experience during the play. I am researching contemporary colour field painting through painting, light boxes, manufactured materials like Perspex and Marmoleum and a video. Responding to the exhibition space is also part of the work. The MVA this year and PGDVA in 2008 have encouraged me to focus on what my play is about.

Past work has dealt with interruptions in colour fields within a painting but at present the painting space includes the whole wall. The interruptions are in the field of the wall. There are assumptions of the transcendental and an embedded history of abstract painting in the mix. The imagery is mixed and even contradictory at times. The intention is to infer many possible transient arrangements.

The light boxes unify many of the threads that interest me at present. Colour and its intoxication works with the irregular timing of the flashing of the light box to remind me of my awareness of colour in many environments and of the changing nature of living. Colour is delivered to us in both natural and manufactured forms. In the past the new technologies were brightly coloured plastic light shades, plastic in many forms multicoloured wallpapers and interior paint, tiles, linoleum, bathroom ceramics, fabrics colour TV, movie effects, mass media and signage.

Travelling and living overseas for some years delivered for me colourful pigment and spice stalls in markets, diverse colourful clothes and festivals. The Australian outback also has an intense and overwhelming orange soil and expansive blue sky that influences me and I reference at times."

Join us on Saturday 20 March from 2pm to 3pm for what should be a fascinating discussion from artist Veronica Caven Aldous and curator Mardi Nowak. We look forward to seeing you there!

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