Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey! You can ask us!

John and moi working in the gallery

(Gallery assistant John Hendriks and Curator Mardi Nowak are here to answer your questions!)

Have you noticed our Formspring us box to the right hand of our blog? Well this is a tool that allows our blog readers to ask us a question, we get notified and then we answer you! We are quite new to Formspring but so far we have had 2 questions and we thought that we would post what the questions were and our answers as it maybe a question that you have been wondering about as well!
Thank you to the readers who have responded to us via Formspring!

Are the aesthetics imporartant in the interiors of an exhibition hall?
Hi there,thank you for your question!
Aesthetics are important to any interior of a gallery. There are many galleries that are white 'cubes', allowing a blank canvas for the display of works. Town Hall Gallery space is quite lucky as we have lovely clean white walls and a lovely timber floor which gives a warmth to the space.
When the gallery was created, it has small collumns that jut out between the larger walls. At first we found this difficult to curate around but now we love them as when we don't display work on them, it gives the viewer a breathing space between works, creating a great aesthetic flow.Every gallery is different. It is the curatorial team and installation team that work with all aesthetic ideas to create what you see!

I have Katie McLorinan tapestries. Can she be contacted. Thank you Linda from Western Australia.

Hi there, wow! which Katie McLorinan tapestries do you have? Her work is beautiful! If you email me at with your details, I can pass them on to Katie here in Melbourne!
So, if you have a question for us, pop it in the Formspring box and we will get back to you!

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