Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some more responses

Living Culture installation photos 023

Image from current exhibition Living Culture: an important way forward.

Wow, all of our readers are going great guns on our formspring function! Thank you so much! We are going to continue to post the questions and answers to our blog so you can all find out about the gallery and collection.

How do u pick the artist for group showings say like u did for generation X and the last group showing?

Hi there, the X represents the Unknown exhibition was a group show that was proposed to us, so it was a group of artists all working together already. The last group show that we had was one that we actually put together and we selected artists from proposals looking at a wide variety of themes and media but all of the work was of a high quality.

love the new style / formspring! DC
Thank you! We like to change our look every now and then to keep our blog looking fresh. We are glad that you are enjoying it and the formspring!

Remember to keep your questions coming!

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