Thursday, May 27, 2010

Painted Veils by John Ashcroft

John Ashcroft Blue Veils

(John Ashcroft, Blue Veil, mixed media, 2010)

Coming up next at Town Hall Gallery is the solo exhibition Painted Veils by John Ashcroft. The exhibition begins on Wednesday 2 June.
Working with fibreglass, Perspex, high-gloss automotive paint and motifs found in the discarded garments of op-shops and used-car yards, John creates vibrant low-relief sculptures, which are both elusive and hauntingly familiar. There is a post modernist and deconstructive quality with a sense of foreboding, poetic metaphors for the fragility of life.

Like Russian dolls, the painted veils of our outer skins, what we wear and what we drive, expresses something about ourselves. When we find a garment that we like to wear or a car we like to drive they survive with us in their own way and become our second and third skins. However, the use-by-date is a solemn reminder that beneath these outer veils, we are merely players on the world’s stage with our entrances and our exits.

Now in his 80s, this is the second exhibition John Ashcroft has held at Town Hall Gallery, proving that age is no barrier in creating innovative and thought provoking works.

Town Hall Gallery Curator Mardi Nowak stated, "we are incredibly excited to host this solo exhibition by John Ashcroft. It has been fascinating to see the progression in his works from his last exhibition two years ago. I am amazed at his dedication to create these highly conceptual and original works. Really there is no one out there doing anything like what he is doing."

Painted Veils will be open to the public from Wednesday 2 June until Saturday 26 June.

Visitors can discover more about the processes used in creating these works and the concepts behind them during In Conversation with John Ashcroft on Saturday 19 June from 2pm to 3pm. This public program is free to attend.

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