Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Want to Hear About Your Exhibition Idea!

call for entries

Click here to get your application form to exhibit as part of the 2011 Town Hall Gallery program. While you're thinking about what you are going to do, keep an eye out for our postcards that look like the image above! Pop it on your fridge as a reminder to get your application in!
Deadline is 30 June, 2010....

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Anonymous said...


I'M from another country and have been following the going ons of yr art gallery for a few years now after finding u on the webs.

My question for u is the following, is there any way for u to video or record these showings and get together's with the artist, it would be awesome to listen n see what they have to say abt their art? It would be greatly appericated if that could be made to happen, then u would have admirers from all over the world n possible patrons for yr artist.
Just a suggestions to think abt !