Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Winning works from Art from the Heart...

Seeing we have had a few interstate and also international mosaic lovers wanting to know the outcomes of the judging of the current exhibition, Art From the Heart, we thought we would give you a quick run down!

Judges of the exhibition were Dr. Ray Hearn, a well respected ceramicist and Pam Pilgrim, artist and teacher. I was in the gallery while they were undertaking the judging process and I didn't envy them! There are so many fantastic works that the decision was very difficult.

First prize went to Rachel Bremner for her piece Sunflowers (smalti and unglazed ceramic)...

Art from the Heart 2010 exhibition 048

Second prize went to Helen Harman for her work Made in Australia (crockery and mirror)

Art from the Heart 2010 exhibition 016

Third Prize went to Julie Stevens for This Guy (orsoni smalit, cinca porcelain)

Art from the Heart 2010 exhibition 046

There were two Highly Commended pieces... Pat Judd for her bag Head in the Sand...

Art from the Heart 2010 exhibition 007

and Sandy Gorski for her Hooting Off the Wall!

Art from the Heart 2010 exhibition 030

Do you have a favourite that didn't win a prize? Well if you come in to see the exhibition, you can vote for your favourite mosaic artwork as part of the People's Choice Award. The votes will be tallied at the end of the exhibition and not only does the winner get a small gift (not to mention the people's accolade!) but we will also post who won on the blog.

Get voting!!!!