Monday, August 9, 2010

Jasmin Coleman brings her concrete to Melbourne

Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition 004

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to have Jasmin Coleman exhibit as part of the Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition. Jasmin is a Queensland based artist, so for her to get her amazing series of hand cast cubes to Melbourne was quite the feat!

Jasmin says about her art practice...

"My hybrid art practice investigates contemporary social issues such as societal value systems, truth, beauty, illusion and change. I am interested in exploring the potential of 'ordinary' materials both through their innate physical function as tools for transformation and as metaphors to discuss broader social concerns.

My 'hands on' approach to art making involves the appropriation, dislocation and glorification of a variety of 'common' materials and processes employed by trade specialists in developing, building and deconstructing the built environment.

Art movements and trends which have had the greatest impact on my practise include key artists associated with the 1960's and 1970's minimal/conceptual art. My work also draws parallels from the philosophical, stylistic and social concerns of Futurism, Neo- plasticism, Suprematism, Constructivism and the De Stijl. The Constructivists belief is that the function of the artist is inherently linked to social responsibility, this has been of particular interest to me. Likewise, the future oriented philosophies that sustained the Suprematists and Neo-plasticist
artists such as 'purity of form, purity of thought' and new art, new life.'

My work which consist of only handmade concrete cubes also discuss material integrity, beauty, function and truth (concrete) versus illusion (the superficial) in art and beyond."

We are very excited to have Jasmin in Melbourne for the launch of the exhibition as well, so hopefully if you attended the opening, you said hi!

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