Friday, June 18, 2010

Jessica, our work experience student!

Jess Work Experience

I'd like to introduce Jessica who was our work experience student over the last week. We thought we would ask Jess a few questions to let you all know how she found her experience at Town Hall Gallery!

1. Why did you want to do work experience with us at Town Hall Gallery?

I chose to do work experience here because I knew it would be something that I would find useful and interesting. Since I can remember I've had a big interest in art, and I dream of one day owning my own gallery.
Previously I have exhibited works in two exhibitions at the Town Hall Gallery and that experience was really enjoyable and gave me a great insight into doing art as a profession. I had a connection with the gallery as a artist, as well as having a friend volunteering at the gallery, plus I had also met Mardi, the gallery curator, at previous exhibitions, all giving me reasons to want to experience working here.

2. What types of tasks have you been doing over the last few days?

Over the past week I have been doing a range of different tasks. Some of these included writing up a media release, writing blog posts for artists in up-coming exhibitions, writing a summary of a calendar and art almanac adverts for future exhibitions, documenting dates for exhibitions in 2011 and editing information for the Town hall Gallery Art Collection. I also got to learn the basics about running a gallery during visits to other galleries in Richmond with Mardi, and manning the Town Hall Gallery exhibition for a shift.

3. What was your favourite part of work experience?

My favourite parts of work experience so far have been visiting galleries in Richmond and supervising the Painted Veils exhibition which is currently on in the gallery. Through this I realised some of the many differences from visiting a gallery to operating one. I now know that I would very much enjoy working and volunteering at different galleries in the future.

4. What is one thing you have learnt from work experience?

One thing I have learnt, that I found very interesting, is all the different tricks and rules there are to running a gallery. I learnt how to order works in a exhibition in a flowing manner by positioning and heightening the different works, temperature and lighting, mounting works and re-painting walls etc. I also got an overview of different kinds of galleries and how they work such as public, private and shared gallery spaces.

5. Do you think working in the arts is something you would like to do later on?

I have always known that I will take up art as a profession after leaving school and this work experience has taught me a lot about how to run a gallery successfully which I dream to do one day.

We enjoyed having Jess as part of the team for the week and wish her all the best for her artistic future! Who knows, she may even be back working here one day!

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