Monday, July 5, 2010

Weapons of Mass Consumption: artist Jessica Wong

Jessica Wong's artworks explore the temporary happiness gained through retail therapy, consumerism and extension. Jessica has created an artwork of a long flowing scroll which mimics the fluidity of an ocean and sky. By creating movement in her work, Jessica makes a connection between the elements human and Earth.

Weapons of Mass Consumption 018

Detail from Jessica's installation.

Weapons of Mass Consumption 015

Instability of the human world is symbolized using layers of blue and white ink which build images of clouds and seas. In her artwork, Jessica incorporates references to environmental issues associated with our world.

Fine drawings across Jessica's work use humour to display environmental impacts, "Overpopulation, urban expansion and the associated ecological issues can be read into the free-hand doodles and mapping elements, imparting ironic humour to encourage the viewer to consider ideas of equality, over-consumption and excess."

Jessica explores the vulnerability and disordered nature of social constructions in our culture, creating fluidity of folds across the scroll. The use of translucent paper is evident across all of Jessica's work, this means that the artwork is very fragile and can be easily damaged.
Jessica explains that, "Modern museums and galleries are charged with keeping works of art in mint condition, but what are the implications on our planet over time if artworks are continually produced and kept forever? ". Over consumption is evident in our culture, using translucent paper challenges the need for over consumption to exist in our culture. Using this medium, Jessica is also able to highlight similarities between the 'temporary nature of human life' and the 'fragility of existence'.

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