Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weapons of Mass Consumption: Karla Marchesi...


Karla Marchesi, Trackside, oil on board 2010

Weapons of Mass Consumption opens this week, well in fact it will be open to the public tomorrow! As we have ten artists involved in the show, we thought that we would give you a little taste of each artist and what they have been up to. First off is Karla Marchesi who is based in Queensland.

Karla Marchesi received First Class Honours for her Bachelor of Fine Art, at Queensland College of Art in 2007.

Karla was placed amongst the top 50 most collectable Australian Artists in 2009 by the Australian Art Collector magazine. Living in Brisbane, she is currently represented by Heiser Gallery and has taken a mentorship with artist Anne Wallace.

Karla has recntly finished three bodies of work titled Left Behind, Treasure and Destruction. In each painting human presence is absent, instead she explores the environments we create for ourselves and the wastefull concerns with contempory living. Many of her paintings show charecteristics of everday living such as personal belongings, waste and discarded obejcts surrounding a private or public place which in turn create 'accidental museums'.


Karla Marchesi, I suppose it had to come to this, oil on board, 2010

Karla explains that her artworks are, "Filled with artifacts pertaining to human existence, the viewer is invited to embody the space and voyeuristically rummage for clues".

You can see more of Karla's work via her website here. She will also have works at the Heiser Gallery stand at the Contemporary Art Fair in Melbourne from 4 to 8 August 2010 if you would like to see more!

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