Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weapons of Mass Consumption

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This Saturday sees the end of our fascinating exhibition Painted Veils by John Ashcroft. If you haven't been able to come in and check it out, you have until 5pm on Saturday.
Our next exhibition is Weapons of Mass Consumption, which is the result of our Young Curator's Project by Louisa Marks. Please see below some information from our media release.
Weapons of Mass Consumption includes a diverse range of works including photography, paintings and installations. Each work seeks to enquire how the artist has been influenced by contemporary consumer culture, material possessions and our disposable society. In this exhibition humans are the weapons, programmed to be mass consumers.

This exhibition is curated by Louisa Marks, as part of the Town Hall Gallery Young Curator Project. Louisa has worked on a twelve month mentorship with Town Hall Gallery curator Mardi Nowak. After gaining her Masters of Curatorship Louisa, through a hands-on approach, has learnt exhibition promotion, exhibition contracts, loan agreements and budgets during her mentorship.

"There are many things that you learn at university but there are so many things that they often don't prepare you for when you actually curate an exhibition. The experience that Louisa has gained is invaluable and has assisted her in gaining a full-time job in the arts after this mentorship", Mardi Nowak Curator.

Exhibiting artists of Weapons of Mass Consumption include: Adam Cruickshank, Karla Marchesi (courtesy of Heiser Gallery Brisbane), Jessica Wong, Matthew Sleeth (courtesy of Sophie Gannon Gallery), Ryan Foote, Daniel Kaplon, Huang Xu (courtesy of Arc One Gallery), Peter Zylstra, Emma-Lee Crane and Ash Keating (courtesy of Breenspace).

Town Hall Gallery curator Mardi Nowak states, "Louisa's enthusiasm and passion for the exhibition has allowed for a broad variety of artists, including many well-known and established ones, to be included in Weapons of Mass Consumption."

Weapons of Mass Consumption will be open to the public from Wednesday 30 June until Saturday 31 July.

Visitors are welcome to join selected artists as they discuss the issues surrounding the exhibition during In Conversation with Artists on Saturday 10 July from 2pm to 3pm. The public program is free to attend.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition!

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