Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Challenging and interpreting...

Re-invent long flyer

Next week we will be challenging traditional interpretations at Town Hall Gallery when we install Re-invent, Re-interpret, Re-make.

They say that everything old is new again and that there are no new ideas, just new interpretations.

This month's Town Hall Gallery exhibition, Re-invent, Re-interpret, Re-make, explores the idea of re-invention, re-interpreting old ideas into new ones and re-making materials into works of art.

The seven artists taking part have either paid homage to iconic artworks and re-interpreted them in a modern way or taken traditional artisan skills and transformed them into works that will challenge how you see craft.

"There is a strong trend for exhibitions to look at recycling and re-using materials, however, artists have been reworking materials and, more importantly, ideas for a long time," Town Hall Gallery curator Mardi Nowak said.

"This exhibition looks at the idea of re-invention and re-interpretation outside of environmental concepts."

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to have on loan several woven tapestry works by Erin Riley from Philadelphia, USA.

Erin's works are primarily about re-interpretation and she sources photographic imagery from the internet and translates them into an abstract way via weaving. Her tapestries explore the world of partying college students and how the internet can play a role in re-inventing identity.

Another featured artist, Madeleine Preston uses old vinyl records as canvases for her images.
The subject matter is itself a re-interpretation, of the willow pattern plate.

"The legend of the willow pattern was invented by the English about 200 years to promote pottery sales. I was attracted to elements of the ancient story and to the idea of re-inventing what was already a fabrication," Madeleine said.

This exhibition will also feature pieces by Adrian Conti, Jasmin Coleman, Natalie Kosnar, Marija Patterson and Elizabeth Nelson. Their work includes painting, collage, installation and sculpture, which promises to create a fascinating display.

Re-invent, Re-interpret, Re-make will be open to the public from Wednesday 4 August until Saturday 28 August. We hope to see you at the exhibition soon!

Visitors are invited to join Mardi and the artists to discuss the exhibition at 2pm on Saturday 7 August.

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