Friday, July 9, 2010

Ryan Foote and his Objects of Desire..

Weapons of Mass Consumption Exhibition

One of the exhibiting artists in Weapons of Mass Consumption is Ryan Foote. His installation of clear perspex boxes that replicate designer packaging are incredibly engaging. This series of works is titled Objects of Desire, he talks further about this body of work.

Weapons of Mass Consumption Exhibition

"This body of work is the second in a series of artworks that looks at my love of art and fashion and how my compulsion to create is more dominant and important to me than my love of fashion. By choosing to express myself through my artwork it restricts my individual expression betrayed by fashion.

This artwork reflects upon contemporary popular culture and the emergence of trend culture. Artists have to consider themselves part of the consumers world, whether it be by consuming materials to create the artwork, through to production of documentation and flyers of the exhibitions.

Elements of my work explores my love to consume but also my over powering desire to create and add to the world. This artwork also comments on ethical issues of living in a world dealing with global warming and growing financial credit driven by a global society.

The work sees boxes that mimic the size and shape of fashion related objects that I desired but have had to give up in order to produce my artwork. The boxes replicate packaging of things like Victor and Rolf cologne, Apple’s iphone, Calvin Klein underwear, D&G shoeboxes. The boxes are made out of clear acrylic and subtly etched with the designer labeling and then filled with by-products from the creation of past artwork. For example the shoe boxes stuffed with hundreds of pieces of used sandpaper and cologne boxes filled with sawdust from timber I have cut up. The works are slick and seductive but at the same time they are objects filled with all my art excrement.

Our consumer driven world love creating objects and products that we as society don’t necessarily need but rather want, this is epitomized through these objects as they are filled with waste from my studio and workshop, but on the other hand this artwork looks at trends in sustainable /recycled found objects, found in a growing number of artist artwork that comment on society. "

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