Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weapons of Mass Consumption: Emma-Lee Crane

Artist Emma-Lee Crane is based in NSW so we were very please that she got on a plane and came to help us install her hundreds of resin triangles for the Weapons of Mass Consumption exhibition. It was also fantastic to have her here for the official launch as well. Emma-Lee's work is incredibly engaging with it's use of repetition. Her small red resin triangles are reminscent of lollies and the colour on mass is beautiful.

She says about this her artistic practice:

"Concentrating on social issues, my work explores the ugly side of human nature through the device of repetition. The repetition is both the visual components that create balance and rhythm and the physical actions during the laborious process of creating (and installing) the work.

Bulk is created from resin and drawing pins. It is a work that explores the excessive number of mass-produced products that are in the market place. Bulk is made up of thousands of useless singular objects that together create a display of attractive shimmering red that draws the audience in.

Understanding the connotations the colour red imparts is important to the understanding of this work. Red is used a great deal by marketing companies to attract buyer to their product, it heightens the sense hunger and desire. Red is also used by the stock market to indicate loss - a visual that we are more familiar with following the recent Global Recession.

By creating ‘mass produced’ goods by hand and by ones self is a contradiction to the idea of industrial mass production. The repetitive actions and processes involved make the artist a ‘machine’ - a machine that inadvertently makes mistakes and inconsistencies whilst producing the same object thousands of times over. It is these ‘mistakes’ that differentiate Bulk from other mass produced items. Bulk has character and original detail when viewed up close - even with a ‘real’ mass produced item (the pin) in each triangle."

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