Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weapons of Mass Consumption: Peter Zylstra

Hecho en Mexico 1

Perth based, artist Peter Zylstra, has recently completed a series of photos inspired by his travels through many parts of Mexico titled, "Hecho En Mexico" (Made in Mexico).

Born in Canada, Peter went to the United states where he completed his BFA and MFA. He then went on to lecture in various universities in the US and Mexico, and then to the Contempory Arts Media in Melbourne where he worked developing the curriculem there.

Peter's artistic background specializes in painting and phototography, many of his works feature and are influenced by 'the politics of looking, especially that implicit in the touristic, colonizing and artistic gaze'.

Hecho en Mexico 18 Peter Z

Many images in Peter's series capture materialistic aspects of tourism and culture seen on Peter's recent travels to Mexico. These photos aim to explore the authenticity of transformation of traditional hand-made goods into mass produced souveniers. Many of the photos ironically reveal that these 'traditional' goods have been imported and mass produced yet still appeal to a tourist's "authentic experience".

Peter states, "The photographs in this series archive the rapidly changing landscape of Mexico, one of the many developing economies that will define the direction of the twenty-first century".

You can check out more of Peter's work via his website here.

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