Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adrian Conti explores a new landscape for Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make

re-invent 001

Adrian Conti is a Melbourne based artist who previously worked in printmaking but now has taken his grafitti style to painting and works on unusual surfaces such as metal and unprimed wood. Town Hall Gallery is pleased to have some of his new series of works as part of the Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition.

These recent works have emerged out of regular drives to Fulham Correctional Centre in East Gippsland. Stagnant inside an interior for the two hour drive, the external landscape shifts and changes.

"My work seeks to describe this landscape but with no fixed point of reference. Painting from my memory, my vista is the constancy of the horizon line through my driving window and the amalgamation of shapes through out the journey. I live predominately immersed in an urban environment with little connection to the rural land. This journey interspersed with ever changing brackets of industry and nature has engendered a response to the juxtaposition of our planned and sometimes regimented environments with what it is to have and enjoy natural space.

My re-interpretation of the physical landscape is via the lens of a 'city boy', the abstract nature of the image both references the 'actual' and internal landscapes. It is here that I'm caught, investigating the dichotomy of the 'real' and imaginary, the inside and outside, urban and rural."

The use of contemporary materials, the abstract and graphic depiction still acknowledges the consept of 'real space' and the traditional use of the 'horizon' within landscapes. Adrian uses industrial materials like spray paint as it enables the simplification of form, clean lines and the abscence of marks. All of this serves to highten the sterility of the experience of the destination.

Emphasis is placed on the interplay of positive and negative space, there is little in the landscape and yet they are full; each part sharing equal importance. Despite the horizon line's inference to depth, the work operates on surface with discordant colours and shapes vying with the raw state of the ground. The works themselves function as a space of reflection for each viewer to interpret and own.

You can find out more about Adrian Conti's work via his Facebook fan page or his blog page.

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