Thursday, August 5, 2010

Elizabeth Nelson

Cosmic Observation Deck 2009

Elizabeth Nelson is a Melbourne based emerging artist. She is currently producing her first body of work for exhibition so we are pleased to have her as part of the Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition. She is inspired by her feelings and observations about the changing landscape of Melbourne.

In this body of work, Elizabeth is re-making artwork from pieces of paper that are no longer serving their original purpose. These papers have been collected from old Melways, postcards, magazines and paint samples. She creates imagery of Melbourne's landscape by mixing collage with pencil, pastel, crayon and paint.

Elizabeth works with a process of re-incorporating all materials into new artworks, even past works that she hasn't found successful will then be later used in the future. "Nothing is wasted", says Elizabeth. These works are a result of interpretation and constant observation to the changing society and environment of Melbourne.

Elizabeth states, "The pace of change in the twenty-first century shows us that nothing is fixed or permanent; everything that exists today may some day be part of something else".

Elizabeth Nelson is part of Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make, which is on show until Saturday 28 August.

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