Friday, August 13, 2010

Erin Riley re-invents tapestry...

Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition 015

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to have Erin M Riley exhibit her amazing hand woven tapestries for the first time in Australia. Erin is based in Philadelphia USA and is currently doing a residency in Boston. You can see more of her works at

She talks about the process of her tapestries...

"In most of my work I am finding images of strangers using Google Image search or Facebook, in order to find pictures of young adults in precarious situations. I am using imagery that I find to be shocking and excessive, that they might find to be temporary, fun and fleeting and weaving them into tapestries to solidify the event in yarn. I am remarking on the generation of excess by documenting images that are thought to be yesterday's dirty laundry but which might linger on the internet, or in the mind forever.

Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition 031

In the tapestries, the figures are faceless, a response to the methodology of finding these unknown people to me who then become the stars of the tapestries. "

Make sure you come in and see these tapestries as part of the Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition which ends on Saturday 28 August at 5pm.

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