Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marija Patterson re-interprets plastic bags....

Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition launch and programs 006

This is a little bit of a last minute/ post exhibition post about Marija Patterson's beautiful works that were in Re-invent, Re-interpret, Re-make. Her delicate apples are crocheted using thread made from plastic bags. In fact, nearly all of the materials that she uses are carefully recycled from other materials.

Re-invent Re-interpret Re-make exhibition 027

Marija talks about her work:

My sculpture is an ongoing investigation into ideas and responses to the relationship between the environment and the human spirit and culture: about the fragility of nature and the human footprint and our need to respect and venerate what we have. In making my work I use recognisable symbols that exist in cultures throughout the world. I use these images to express my ideas and emotions about the delicate balance between man and the environment.

In my work I like to use materials that have a history (pre-used); from deconstructed and discarded objects. Creating an object to express an idea using “second hand” material fits in with the notions that “life is cyclical”, “same atoms - different configurations”, “use of resource and manipulation” By giving materials life in another genre the material is transformed – embodied memories threaded, layered and shaped. And at the same time the materials have their own stories, they are remade and reinvented.

The materials I use, and processes I employ in my practice are a shift of materials and techniques generally used in the domestic and craft arena to the fine art arena. The materials are every day materials found in the home, the domestic environment. The practice of crocheting is associated with home decoration and clothing. Paper mâché in modern times is considered a craft material, for making school projects, decorations and carnival masks. In my current work I deconstruct objects from the domestic environment, (that have had another life), to use the materials (bringing their own stories with them) to make another object. The threads and strips of materials are stitched and layered together to create a new fabric of ideas.

Plastic shopping bags have been with us for only several decades and already they are impacting significantly on the environment; the ramifications will long outlive the time the bag was enjoyed as a convenience. This useful, “disposable” article is not so disposable. By using the limited materials and techniques, ie plastic bags, shredded into yarn and crocheted to represent an apple; paper, torn and moulded to form a vessel, sardine can cut and shaped into a leaf, I am able to make objects that are both aesthetically pleasing and provocative. - Remaking a shopping bag, re-using a manipulated sardine can, and reinventing the paper messenger.

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