Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Call for Beardo artwork proposals!

Do you make artwork about beards? Then we want you! Take part in Beardo! an exhibition that celebrates the beard! For more information please contact Curator Mardi on mardi.nowak@boroondara.vic.gov.au

The deadline is end of September 2010!!!

Fashion comes in cycles. This is also the case with the fashion of men''s facial hair. The beard and moustaches is one way that men can express their individuality and personality. This exhibition explores beards at many stages of time from works from the collection as well as a young breed of contemporary artists who use the beard as a symbol of masculinity.

Inspired by the many portrait works held in the Town Hall Gallery Collection that feature fantastic facial hair, I started to notice the resurgence of young men sporting beards. Was this a new fashion? Or was it a backlash to the metro sexual man. The beard historically has had many meanings, from the cultural and religious meanings of the Sikhs or orthodox Jews, to more popular culture connotations such as musicians ZZ top or Ned Kelly.

The Beardo exhibition aims to showcase both historical works from the collection but also current arts and craft practitioners who are using the beard (or facial hair) to express a wide variety of ideas. Artists will be selected who work in a variety of media, including textiles and crafts and whose work predominately features and embraces the beard.

Contact Mardi Nowak Curator for brief on mardi.nowak@boroondara.vic.gov.au

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