Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dark Contrasts at Town Hall Gallery

Town Hall Gallery is very pleased to host Dark Contrasts, an exhibition of works by Dillon Naylor and Mandy Ord. Both Naylor and Ord have been a creative force in the Melbourne comic book scene since the early 1990s. This exhibition includes amazing new works by both artists as well as some original treasures dug out of their archives!
Melbourne based Mandy Ord showcases a combination of here highly recognizable autobiographical black and white comics as well as illustrations commissioned for newspapers and magazines. The work is heavily referenced from her own life experience and most of the stories are based in Melbourne.

Her works have included Rooftops published by Finlay Lloyd, which is her first graphic novel or book length comic (highlighted in the exhibition cabinet) and her Bearded Men series. Mandy was guest blogger at ZAP!POW!BLOG! In conjunction with an exhibition on the history of cartooning in Australia at the State Library of Victoria. Her work is widely published in a variety of magazines, newspapers and comic book collaborations. Mandy's style and imagery is easily recognizable and you can see her work monthly in the Trouble magazine.
When talking about the Melbourne comic book scene, Dillon Naylor is a name that constantly comes up. Having a career that spans more than 20 years, this exhibition highlights both recent and older works. Visitors may be aware of his work in comic books Da ‘n’ Dill, Tales of the Ovoid and Burr and Spud for company The Showbag Factory, Victoria. 200,000+ copies were premiums inside showbags at almost all Royal shows, fetes and fairs around the country, over eight years.

Dillon is a regular contributor to K-Zone and Total Girl magazines, Australia and New Zealand’s biggest selling publication for kids. Wrote and illustrated colour comic sections containing up to 30 pages and other content such as puzzles, spot illustrations and developed a 3D process for the magazine. Dillon is also well known for his works in the 1990s of comics Pop Culture and 2 minute noodles and works for band The Fireballs, original works from both comics are featured in this exhibition.
The exhibition will run from 1 September until 25 September. Both artists will be discussing their works and career on Saturday 11 September from 2pm to 3pm.

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