Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Conversation with Dillon and Mandy

Dark Contrasts l 016

Last Saturday saw quite the event of the ever lovely Dillon Naylor and Mandy Ord giving a bit of a guided tour through the current exhibition Dark Contrasts. Visitors were also given a bit of a guided tour of both their careers and how they started out within the comic book industry.

The awesome Bobby has given his run down on the afternoon's events here on his blog too with some great photos of the artists in action chatting away. (thanks again Bobby!)

The afternoon was a great insight into how both artists were drawn into what they do and some of the very imaginative ways that they have promoted their works. Dillon gave us a tale of stalking celebrities and chasing them into elevators to give them comic book pages he had created based on them. Mandy also spoke about her first encounters with comic book pages from the newspaper as a child and feeling engulfed by the size of them.

Dark Contrasts is open until Saturday 25th September!

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