Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Beardy...

Beardo promo

We are very excited to end our 2010 exhibition program with Beardo! This exhibition has been a bit of a pet project for me and I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing works up and also the viewers responses.

Our list of contemporary artists has been completed and we can't wait for the works to arrive at the gallery! So who is getting 'beardy' with us?
Dave Mead (USA)
Dan Edwards (ACT)
BESTFIEND (Melbourne)
Josh Rufford (QLD)Rebecca Van Der Werff (Melbourne)
Leo Greenfield (Melbourne)
Christie Torrington (NSW)
Duo: Laura Smith & Zoe Steers (Melbourne)
Duo: Katie Jacobs & Brittany Veitch (Melbourne)

Keep an eye out for some special posts about the artists during the exhibition.  Also if you are taking part in Movember, why don't you come in and show us your facial hair during the exhibition?!

Beardo will be at Town Hall Gallery from Wednesday 24 November until Saturday 18 December.

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