Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bestfiend tells us about pants beard!

Jung and the Restless by BESTFIEND

Beardo exhibition 019
Installation view of BESTFIEND works at Beardo.

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and what type of work do you do?
BESTFIEND is the name of our creative team of two: Shannon O’Shea & Benj Dawe.
We are inspired by creative tensions and are dedicated to outlandish ideas, moderated by a playful, tongue in cheek honesty.  We teamed up with an outrageously talented team of photographers for this project; Coruscade and Michelle Grace Hunder photography, who have pushed our concept into a new stratosphere.

What attracted you to make work about beards?
What is not attractive about beards! They're defining yet temporary, mysterious yet comforting, authentic yet daring, so opposing and playful we couldn't resist. Our art is often about opposing ideas and finding harmony in creating something new.

Are you surprised by the reaction for 'beard related' art and how popular the beard is?
We love the Beardo movement, it's exciting to see authenticity and a push for something more genuine. Dudes are keeping it real with their faces, we sent the idea a little further south for women, keeping it real with their pants beards.

What attracted you to take part in Beardo - the exhibition?
We used the artistic theme ‘Beardo’ as a symbol of disposability. The beard can be utterly defining and yet easily removed. So with our artwork we questioned what is disposable in culture, as an idea or cultural reference is defining of an era and social group, until it is forgotten or re-hashed into something new.

The viewer can reflect and interpret cultural icons (and their beards) in a fresh and entertaining way. We have mixed radical thinkers with popular culture in a playful yet exploitive manner. ‘Jung and the Restless’, ‘Pink Freud’, ‘Marx and Spencer’ are statements on objects that are projected near a model, she is wearing underwear we've painted to look like the philosophers face, the beard is attached from faux fur, voila, pants beards and cultural mash-ups. Taking the reference out of its time into a current context. The photographs are limited edition prints.

What do you think people will take away with them from seeing your work?
Humour, fun and thought and hopefully they'll tell all their friends.

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