Thursday, January 28, 2010

So what do you call a group of artists?

I've never quite been sure what to call a group of artists. I know of the phrases, a murder of crows and all of that but a group of artists often perplexes me! Maybe some of our blog readers will be inspired to come up with a name for a group of artists after they see our February exhibition..
"What do they call a group of artists?"
The exhibition features works by Aaron Bailey, Robyn Emerson Fiona Fraser, Merryn Hansford (as seen above) and Andrea Kaltwasser.
Please see below for our media release.

As artists, working in the studio and creating art can be a very lonely and individual pursuit. Town Hall Gallery has aimed to prevent this by bringing together five artists who work in a wide range of media and who have never exhibited together before. By the end of this exhibition, they will have gained knowledge of each other's working methods, which may inspire their future artistic endeavours.

"After the success of the Assemble exhibition last year, we thought this model of selecting a small group of diverse artists to show together was a great way to introduce them to other artists and new ways of working. We found that the artists tend to keep in touch after the initial exhibition and many work on future exhibitions together. Town Hall Gallery is just the catalyst for such meetings" says Mardi Nowak Curator.

Viewers will get a taste of each artist's body of works which include abstract painting, mixed media works, drawing and caustic painting.

With such a variety of unusual techniques and materials, viewers are encouraged to attend the In conversation program on Saturday 20 February from 2pm to 3pm where most of the artists will be discussing the inspiration behind their works and how some of their effects were created.
Come along and support some of your local and emerging artists, there really will be something for everyone in this exhibition. You may even be able to come up with a name for 'a group of artists'!
The exhibition will run from 3rd February until the 27th February.

Don't forget! In Conversation with Lachlan McDougall

Art that floors you - media image

Our first public program, In Conversation with Lachlan McDougall is happening this Saturday from 2pm to 3pm. This will be your last opportunity to view, take part and alter the current installation Everything Changes Over Time.

Our In Conversation programs are a great opportunity to meet the artist and hear more about their working methods. They are a very relaxed Saturday afternoon and there are even delicious cupcakes and coffee from the fabulous Sugadeaux Cupcakes!

So come along and take part in this fantastic exhibition with us this Saturday!

Friday, January 22, 2010

There's even a little bit of blue now!

Everything Changes 2nd install 007

Everything Changes 2nd install 004

Our current exhibiting artist Lachlan McDougall snuck into the gallery the other night and has added some new pigment drawing to the installation Everything Changes Over Time. What a surprise to us to see this amazing electric blue added to the install. I couldn't wait to start walking over it to see what happened!
Hopefully the brave art collectors who purchased 'random squares' of the canvas on opening night like blue!
Lachlan and his fabulous installation was also featured in an article from the Progress Leader this week. The article is below and to read you can click on the image to make bigger.

Art that floors you

Remember that you've only got another week to take part in this installation. Everything Changes Over Time will end at 5pm on Saturday 30 January, not before Lachlan has given us some insight into the process during his talk.
We look forward to seeing you with pigmented feet in the gallery!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are you following us on Facebook?

Did you know that you can become a fan of the Town Hall Gallery on facebook? It's a great way to get your gallery opening invites and updates of programs via the internet too! We love it as we can see you rsvp straight away to events, such as the upcoming In Conversation program with Lachlan McDougall!

So why not become a fan, let us know what you think about the shows on our site and stay in touch!

We hope to see you also on Saturday 30 January from 2pm to 3pm for Lachlan's talk about the installation... to rsvp email

See you all soon!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Everything Changes, works in progress...

Everything Changes Over Time by Lachlan McDougall was officially opened on Thursday 14 January. It was great to see such a large crowd getting involved in the installation with many people taking off their shoes to walk around on the pigmented floor. We did have a bit of cleaning up to do with some foot prints coming to and from the toilets to the gallery! The things you do in the name of art!
As you know, the main idea of this work is to see how the work evolves over time with patrons walking over and through the pigmented text on the canvas floor. We took some shots during the exhibition opening which will allow you to see the changes so far...

Everything Changes Over Time install 025

This is how it was looking during the installation... still a lot of white showing through on the floor.

Everything Changes Over Time opening night 001

This is at the start of the launch, with a few patrons walking around on the floor. Still many of the images and text are recognisable.

Everything Changes Over Time opening night 005

The floor is starting to become more of a blur of colours as people make their mark on the canvas.

Everything Changes Over Time opening night 014

Towards the end of the evening, the floor has become very trampled and almost covered in pigment.

Many people have asked if it's going to look like this for the rest of the exhibition. Well no, the artist will be coming in to add more text in pigment, allowing viewers to walk again through more text.

To find out more about the process, join us on Saturday 30 January from 2pm to hear from Lachlan McDougall and see the changes made throughout the show.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quite the installation!

The first exhibition at Town Hall Gallery for 2010 was installed over the weekend. Everything Changes Over Time an installation by Lachlan McDougall is one of the most ambitious and time consuming installations held at the gallery. As a sneak peak, I thought that I would post some of the 'in progress' photos...

Everything Changes Over Time install 012

Here is Lachlan attaching the primed canvas to the floor of the gallery. The canvas covers most of the floor and is the main focus of the exhibition.

Everything Changes Over Time install 029

Coloured natural pigment was then laid down with a teaspoon, spelling out a variety of phrases. When I asked Lachlan about the pigment, he said that it was an all natural, non toxic pigment. The colours for the text were selected as they were non-toxic to the viewer. Brighter colours could of had the potential to be harmful to visitors. So I hope that you are all happy to know that you are safe in the gallery!

Everything Changes Over Time install 023

It took many, many hours for Lachlan to get all of the text onto the canvas, ready for our visitors to walk through it and disrupt the pigment and push it into the canvas.

Everything Changes Over Time install 030

And here is the final result, all ready for you to come and walk through it. The exhibition will be filmed via a time lapse camera to capture the results of the installation. We will also be posting some photographs through out the exhibition to keep you up to date but hey, why don't you come in during the show as well to see what's happening?!

Everything Changes Over Time is open to the public tomorrow, Wednesday 13 January and the official launch is on Thursday 14 January from 6pm. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everything Changes Over Time by Lachlan McDougall

Town Hall Gallery is pleased to present Everything Changes Over Time, an exhibition by emerging artist Lachlan McDougall.

Bringing together the artist and viewer, this exhibition explores the perceived value of 'the artist' by allowing the viewer to continually alter the art work in the gallery. Using the whole gallery as a canvas, viewers will enter the space and manipulate coloured sand and salt on the canvassed floor as they move around the exhibit. The art is being made on-site, in real time, in the gallery.

The space between studio and gallery is challenged, rather than the creation of works happening at a secondary location, the art is being made on-site. The idea that the viewer is the creator of the artwork is powerful, everyone is given the opportunity (knowingly or not) to create how the artwork is crafted

Lachlan wants to create art that makes people interact, challenge and change the way they think of art.

Everything Changes Over Time will be at the Town Hall Gallery from Wednesday 13 January to Saturday 30 January.

Public Program - In Conversation
The artist Lachlan McDougall will discuss the issues surrounding Everything Over Time Changes and his inspiration behind this exhibition between 2pm to 3pm on Saturday 30 January.