Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grouped round up...

Progress leader grouped

The Town Hall Gallery 2011 program really kicked off with a bang!  We had fantastic numbers for our first exhibition, Grouped and it was also a great opportunity for our artists to exhibit and also meet some of our patrons too.

Saturday 29 January saw our first public program, In Conversation with four of the five Grouped artists (Stephen Thompson was in Sydney for work!) and it was a very insightful hour hearing what inspires each of the artists.  There was some very thoughtful questions put to our artists and the curator too!  Our series of In Conversation programs are a great opportunity for our artists to talk about their work with the general public.  Although it can be daunting and many say "I haven't done this before!", they soon get into the swing of things.

Grouped installation shot 002

Artist Lee Hirsh gave some great insight into how she approaches her bold abstract works.  Below is an excerpt from the catalogue:

"Intuition guides me, an interchange with my inner self and senses, a subliminal dialogue. My creations are not contrived rather they grow with my perceptions and exploration.  My work has evolved from the use of found objects to layering the paint and incorporating textures such as marble dust and liquid bitumen.  I am fascinated by colour. The possibilities are endless with infinite hues originating from the primary colours. I am enticed by the myriad of shades, markings, tints that I come across in the natural environment and commercial world.  Through the interplay of the tactile, tangible and simulated, I am constantly challenging myself and my viewers. I intuitively have developed my own eclectic style and visual language, which enables me to reveal and share."

Thank you to all that came and supported our emerging artists in Grouped.  We look forward to seeing you at our next exhibition by artist Efrossini Chaniotis.

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