Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Wear My Heart On My Tee... about to begin!

Some of the Ruffbat tees all the way from Queensland.

It's all about to begin again!  Our third I WEAR MY HEART ON MY TEE exhibition will be open to the public from Wednesday 2 March until Saturday 26 March.  We will be featuring many of our artists and designers during the exhibition period so you can find out some more about the people behind the tees!

I love the wacky ruffbat art tees!!

We are very excited to have some tees from Ruffbat Creative!   Ruffbat are the combined creative forces of Josh Rufford (who you may know from our Beardo exhibition) and Rhiannon McLay.  Ruffbat have created a series of gorgeous hand screenprinted tees which feature some of their great illustrations as well as a small series of one-off art tees.  These wacky art tees feature small artworks, acrylic badges and soft sculptures.  They are so beautiful that you would probably want to pop these tee on your wall!

The view of my day... Setting up tshirt exhibition!
some of the tees on offer this year!

I heard a rumour that the Ruffbat tees were all lovingly printed in their backyard, possibly even on their lawn making each tee incredibly individual and definitely made with love.  You can pick up one of these great tees from us for between $35 and $60, you even get a I Heart Ruffbat sticker too.  I'm sure you will 'heart' Ruffbat wearing one of these original tees.

Don't forget that the exhibition will be open this Sunday 6 March from 10am to 3pm too!

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